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Highlights: PM Modi Addresses Public Rally In Kerala's Thrissur
Jan 27, 2019 18:00:17 (IST)
Continuing with this, he said

They are also questioning the Election Commission. The entire nation was amused to see a press conference in London, where, on foreign soil India's democratic ethos was questioned.

And, who was spotted in that press conference? A topmost Congress leader. Is this your respect towards institutions and our democracy? Is this what our politics has come to that now, you will even go on foreign soil to undermine the mandate of the people of India.

Congress and Communists talking about democracy is the biggest joke! What is happening in parts of Kerala, where political workers are killed just because their ideology is different from the Communists.

Now, this culture has spread to Madhya Pradesh where BJP workers are being attacked. The mindset of the Emergency still lives on in the minds of many Congress leaders

India's strength is India's democracy. It is from our land that the ethos of democracy always stood strong. Elections will come and go, the nation will remain.

In their dislike for Narendra Modi, the Congress, Communists and their other friends should stop disrespecting institutions and our democratic fabric

In addition to negativity and opposing Indian culture, the Congress and the Communists have one more thing in common. Governments here have filled their own coffers through corruption

In less than three years, so many LDF ministers had to resign! Why? UDF's corruption like Solar Scam are also well known

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