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Kolkata Rally LIVE Updates: "Their Expiry Date Has Come," Says Mamata Banerjee
Jan 19, 2019 15:42:06 (IST)
"You have let down youth of this country": Mamata Banerjee at Kolkata Rally

"Despite tall promises, you have failed to create jobs for the youth," says Mamata Banerjee.

"We have come to a point where we must stand up against injustice," said Ms Banerjee.

"My appeal to you all is that please do not worry on who will be the next prime minister. We will figure that out later. But the job to be done right now that is that to defeat the BJP and Narendra Modi. Remember one thing, that even after all these warnings today, if you go ahead and vote the BJP to power, then I guarantee you that they will leave you penniless. They will take away all your hard earned money," said Ms Banerjee.

"The BJP are on the backfoot. They know that they have missed their chance. They had got a great chance and they messed it up. They know that no matter what they say now, or what they promise,... no matter how many nice things they say, their Achhe Din won't come again," she said.

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