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Kolkata Rally LIVE Updates: "Their Expiry Date Has Come," Says Mamata Banerjee
Jan 19, 2019 15:05:30 (IST)
"Have one aim and that is change," says Shatrughan Sinha at Kolkata Rally

"We have one aim, that is change. I am seeing a lot of the younger generation. You have a lot of energy. I have been asked, why do you run away from the BJP? If telling the truth is running away, then yes I am a Baaghi. But my loyalty is to Indian people. I am trying to show the party a mirror," says Shatrughan Sinha at the Kolkata rally.

"In era of Vajpayee there was Lok Shahi (people's power). In this era, there is tanashahi (dictatorship)," says Shatrughan Sinha.

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