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Parliament Live Updates: "PM Modi Lacks Guts, Hiding In His Room": Rahul Gandhi's Rafale Offensive
Jan 02, 2019 15:33 (IST)
Lok Sabha resumes. Arun Jaitley attacks Congress again. He says:

  • The people who are into policy making have to take care of Air Force too. There have been demands since 2001 for the extra planes.

  • I would like to address Rahul Gandhi's question. In the press statement that was released with President Francois Hollande, terms and conditions were mentioned. 74 meetings were held to decide on various details. When an agreement was reached after 74 meetings, then The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) got involved.

  • Nobody here can be entitled enough to challenge the Supreme Court verdict. The court has clearly said process was duly followed.

  • If they were aware of what happened in 11 years, we wouldn't have to answer these questions on what is being done in two years. Our escalation clause is better than their escalation cause.

  • Supreme Court said, "To satisfy the conscience of the court, we would ask for the price". Centre gave the prices in sealed cover and court's conscience was satisfied, but Congress conscience hasn't been still satisfied.

  • Has a particular family been benefited? I am amazed Congress doesn't understand the definition of offset.

  • Congress is falsely claiming 130,000 crore purchases were being made. How can that be when the total transaction is of 58,000 crore.

  • Why wasn't HAL given contract. Was the UPA not in two minds about giving contract to HAL?

  • HAL required 2.5 higher man-hours than French counterparts, Why wasn't this observation made by UPA?

  • Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)-Offset, Pricing, among other issues have already been reviewed by Supreme Court. Rafale deal is not a policy matter. It's about transparency. If Supreme Court is satisfied, why would JPC review it? In JPCs, people are divided on party lines.

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