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Parliament Live Updates: "PM Modi Lacks Guts, Hiding In His Room": Rahul Gandhi's Rafale Offensive
Jan 02, 2019 14:49 (IST)
Arun Jaitley speaks in the Lok Sabha:
  • Here, on every issue that the Supreme Court has said, the lead speaker of the Congress party says he has a view which has been thrown out.
  • There are some people who have a natural dislike for truth.
  • I will now list out each of the inaccurate false allegations he has made.
  • He says: The procedure is wrong.There was no Defence acquisition committee...This is what I say an arithmetic that even a kindergarten child will understand.
  • The French government has denied the allegations raised by Hollande, today he again repeats it.
  • They don't understand national security. They only understand "paisa" (money).
  • Rahul Gandhi has been talking about abbreviations. So was he playing in the lap of a certain "Q" when he was younger? 
  • Who is the Italian Lady? Who is the Italian Lady's son? What is son going to talk to Italian mother?
  • What is this Rafale issue? Why was this needed in the country? It could have been used during Kargil war.
  • If there was 1 case, I may have given the family a benefit of doubt. But if there are 3 cases, then 3 is a way too much.
  • It is a tragedy for the country that the grand old party is today headed by a gentleman who doesn't have an understanding what a combat aircraft is.
  • Today, he tried to play a tape which he knows his party manufactured it. He knows very well the Health minister of Goa and Chief minister of Goa said it is fabricated.
  • During the Kargil war, our defence had 1.5 mm guns. Rafale jets could have struck from 150-200 kms. Defence requested Rafale in 2001 and it was agreed upon.
  • Air Officials, during presentation, had informed me that our enemies have increased the strength of their squadron, while our strength was depleting.

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