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Parliament Live Updates: "PM Modi Lacks Guts, Hiding In His Room": Rahul Gandhi's Rafale Offensive
Jan 02, 2019 14:14 (IST)
Rahul Gandhi starts off debate in the Lok Sabha on the Rafale deal. Here are the main pointers:

  • It is a tragedy that the members of the AIADMK are protecting the BJP and not letting the debate happen.
  • As leader of opposition my job is to question the government.
  • In an interview yesterday the PM said, no one is accusing him about Rafale.
  • Everyone is asking how the PM spoke for 1 and half hours in a staged interview yet did not speak on the fundamentals of the Rafale deal.
  • The Rafale aircraft was chosen after dedicated work of 8 years. The airforce wanted 126 aircrafts. Who changed the requirement of the aircraft from 126 to 36?
  • Why hasn't a single rafale aircraft landed in indian soil till today.
  • Manohar Parrikar, then defence minister, himself said he has no idea about the new deal.
  • Dear Prime Minister, why did you give this contract to your dear friend Anil Ambani... why did you take this contract away from HAL?
  • For 5 minutes, PM cant speak on Rafale. PM does not have guts to come to Parliament and hides in his room. Defence minister hides behind AIADMK members.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Security did not have any knowledge.
  • Everyone knew that the UPA was to buy the aircraft at 526 crore. When PM Modi met then French President Hollande, the price of the jet went up to 1600 crore. Why did the President say that the PM told me that the price will be valid, and that the contract will be given from HAL to Mr Ambani.
  • HAL making aircraft for 70 years. HAL has a tremendous record, HAL gives jobs to thousands of youngsters. On the other side, Mr Ambani is 45,000 crore in debt. He opens a company 10 days before the signing of deal.
  • Mr Ambani buys a plot of land with the money given by Dassault to Ambani.

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