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Amit Shah In Kerala Highlights: Don't Misuse Sabarimala Verdict, BJP Chief Warns Left Government
Oct 27, 2018 13:59:12 (IST)
Left government in Kerala has misused the Sabarimala issue: Amit Shah
  • The Left government in Kerala has misused the Sabarimala issue. They have used it to arrest workers and supporters of the BJP and other political parties. They have jailed thousands of party workers.
  • We want to assure the people of Kerala that the BJP will stand like a mountain in support of your sentiment. We will always be there for the people of Kerala and the devotees of Lord Ayyappa.
  • I hereby warn the Left government not to misuse the issue... we know how to give a fitting response.
  • That being said, I must also point out that the Hindu religion gives a woman the respect of a mother. We will always respect women and stand for their rights.
  • While we respect the courts, and we respect women and their sentiments and rights, we must also respect the fact that this particular temple has some tradition and its devotees have sentiments too. Lord Ayappa was celibate and the devotees feel strongly about it.
  • Women should also respect the sentiments of other devotees.
  • There are many temples in India where only women are permitted. No one questions the traditions there, neither do people want to... we respect traditions and believe that the temples where only women are permitted, should remain that way.
  • I am here to warm the Communist government in the state not to misuse the Supreme Court verdict against other political parties.
  • I am also urging the Left government not hassle the devotees, the followers and the people of Kerala at large over this issue.
  • There are many issues still unresolved despite court verdicts, where life has moved on without issues becoming confrontational... then why hassle only the people of Kerala.

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