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Highlights: Body Of Ganga Activist GD Agarwal, Who Died After 111-Day Fast, Donated To AIIMS
Oct 12, 2018 12:52 (IST)
BREAKING: AIIMS Rishikesh Director said postmortem has been completed and GD Agarwal's body has been donated. There will be no funeral and there will be no event to pay homage to him. No one will be allowed to go near the body and the body will stay with AIIMS.

The AIIMS director Professor Ravikant said, "The man is dead. What is family now? Family wanted to see body, we did it yesterday. If you want to pay homage, garland a photo at home. Hospital is not a place for a function (event). This way, people will keep coming for 2 days."

On being accused of murder by the ashram members, he said, "These stupid comments anyone can make, you can also make. But I won't make."

He also said now that the body is donated its theirs (AIIMS) and now no other rituals or paying respects will be allowed.

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