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Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Election LIVE Updates: NDA's Harivansh Wins With 125 Votes
Aug 09, 2018 13:00:18 (IST)
Harivansh Narayan Singh's Speech After Being Elected Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman

I am honoured to be elected the deputy chairperson. I will do my duty for the country to the best of my ability.

I thank you all for your kinds words and good wishes are I take this responsibility.

I come from a small village, which is located between two rivers. I studied under a tree when i was a young boy. Back in those days, we heard big things about New Delhi or rather, Lutyens' Delhi. I never imagined that one day I would hold an office as important as this in parliament one day. My roots will keep me grounded, and I will give my all to the benefit of my country.

I have learned a lot working with you all, and am certain that it will help me deal with matters better.

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