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AAP Vs Centre LIVE: Celebrations At Party Office After Top Court Verdict
Jul 04, 2018 17:12 (IST)
Manish Sisodia speaks after AAP's historic win. here are the main pointers from his speech:
  • Whatever is the order by the Supreme Court, we will run the government by that.

  • CCTV and door step delivery of ration was stopped because of the Lt Governor.

  • There is another issue in this regard, CCTV and door-step ration delivery has been directed to be followed immediately. LG had kept this. IAS officers required LGs permission for posting.

  • I have ordered that this will change. IAS officers, central services transfers will all happen based on Chief Minister's approval.

  • Minister in-charge of the concerned department will make changes to the transfers of other officers of various cadres.


  • 2 years ago, I came on a conference and spoke about certain matters on concurrent list.

  • Delhi government has no powers with respect to police, land, public order. It is reserved in the constitution. Modi government had reserved another thing which is services.

  • The problem started when the fourth provision was made, they wanted to make it seem like the Delhi government had no powers and that decision making was left to LG.

  • All files started going to LG,  he began sitting on files in the last two years. As per constitution, LG did not have the power. LG misinterpreted this provision. After today's verdict, he does not have these powers anymore, powers that were politically motivated.


  • Supreme court has said that excepting the three provisions, Delhi government has power over everything else.

  • When we wanted to send Delhi teachers to Finland for training, the LG wanted powers in that as well.

  • Delhi is not a state, we know that. If Parliament makes any law regarding subjects other than the three reservations, only then can the Delhi government comply.

  • In every other matter, the power lies in the hands of Delhi government.

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