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Live Updates: Nepal Comes First In India's Neighbourhood First policy, Says PM Modi
May 11, 2018 13:24:39 (IST)
India and Nepal have stood by each other through tough times: PM Modi
  • We believe that Nepal's progress is connected to the progress of the region
  • There is a saying, if a person is not saddened to see a friend's pain, looking at them alone is a sin
  • Nepal and India moving forward with teaching of Raja Janak
  • Governments would come and go, but are ties are forever
  • Time to collectively safeguard interests. Believe Nepal's development is key to regional development.
  • India and Nepal have stood by each other through tough times. Nepal occupies primacy in our Neighbourhood First policy
  • Glad that Democracy is being strengthened. It is the first rider to development.  Congratulate all of you for successfully holding 3 elections within one year. Formation of regional governments a matter of pride not just for Nepal, but for India too

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