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Live Updates: Nepal Comes First In India's Neighbourhood First policy, Says PM Modi
May 11, 2018 13:07 (IST)
PM Narendra Modi is addressing a civic reception in Janakpur
  • Raja Janak and Raja Dasharatha did not just connect Ayodhya and Janapur but tied India and Nepal in bond of friendship. This is the bond of Ram Sita
  • This bond pulls people to Pashupatinath and Bodh Gaya, and this is what has pulled me here today
  • India Nepal ties are not limited to any definition but the language of faith, relationship, roti and beti (daughter)
  • Ayodhya is incomplete without the link to Mata Janak. It was my long due wish to visit the land of Goddess Sita and offer my prayers.
  • Today, I am extremely happy and grateful that I got this opportunity

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