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Salman Khan Blackbuck Case Highlights: Salman Khan To Spend Another Night In Jail, Bail Hearing Put Off Till Tomorrow
Apr 06, 2018 10:50:04 (IST)
All You Need To Know About Salman Khan's Bail Hearing In Blackbuck Case Today

The judge who will hear Salman Khan's bail plea has arrived at the Jodhpur sessions court. Salman Khan's lawyer has reached too. The bail hearing is expected to begin shortly.

Here are a few interesting facts about Salman Khan's bail hearing today:

  • Salman Khan's bail application is 51 pages long.
  • Salman Khan's lawyer has prepared 54 points of argument in the bail application.
  • Salman Khan is not required to come personally to the court. He is currently in Jodhpur Central Jail.
  • Salman Khan's bail hearing will begin at around 11 am.

Some of the arguments that Salman Khan's lawyer is expected to present include:

  • The the statements made by the witnesses are contradictory
  • That the judge relied too much on the main eyewitness Poonam Chand Bishoi's claims
  • He will likely question how Poonam Chand Bishnoi, the main eyewitness, claimed to identify Salman Khan in the dark, that too past midnight, without any light in the area.
  • He is also likely to remind the court that the Rajasthan High Court has already acquitted Salman Khan in other similar cases.
  • He might also point out that Salman Khan has been a regular in court hearings and has never missed a court date.

Who all will be present in court for Salman Khan's bail hearing?

  • Salman Khan's sisters Arpita and Alvira, and his bodyguard Shera are likely to be in court for the bail hearing.

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