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Cauvery Water Dispute Verdict LIVE Updates: Supreme Court Reduces Tamil Nadu's Water Share
Feb 16, 2018 11:23 (IST)
Tamil Nadu's reduced allocation of Cauvery water to go to Karnataka, Bengaluru to get 4.75 TMC, ahead of Karnataka elections

In what is a big boost to the Congress government in Karnataka ahead of the state assembly elections, the Supreme Court's verdict on the Cauvery water allocation has awarded Karnataka with 14.75 TMC of extra water, reducing Tamil Nadu's allocation by the same amount.

It is from this additional amount awarded, that Bengaluru is to get 4.75 TMC of water.

The total share of river water awarded to Karnataka thus increases to a total of 284.75 TMC.

The monthly allocation awarded by the Tribunal will be in force for 15 years.

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