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Parliament Highlights: PM Modi Attacks Congress, Says We Are Aim Chasers Not Name Changers
Feb 07, 2018 16:46 (IST)
We have all been chief ministers. You worked and that's good. But your idea was incomplete and implementation was also incomplete. It is important that the money that is meant for a particular project should be spent on that particular project In our country, we need to focus on agriculture...if there is a lot of sugarcane production than also the farmer will suffer and if there is less production even then the farmer will suffer. Now sprinklers are used for sugarcane production. We are working towards making sure that farmers get fair amount for their produce. We need to remember that the world is moving towards holistic healthcare...and we can become big in the global market as exporters of natural products which will benefit a lot of farmers. We need to work towards value addition. Solar pumps will help in saving electricity.

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