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In Parliament, Congress Says This Is What BJP Is Best At: Highlights
Feb 05, 2018 14:58 (IST)
  • I want to ask the Congress what exactly they think they are doing? You say one thing in parliament, another in the state assemblies, and yet another In GST council meetings.
  • What on earth are you doing? We can show you that all decision on GST matters for states was done taking into account your approval. We can show it to you. But you go out and call it Gabbar Singh Tax..
  • Where do you think money from the GST goes? It goes towards providing financial security to the soldier on the border, to the poor for their gas subsidy, towards electrifying homes of those who have never seen electricity in their homes.
  • It is my humble appeal to you all that the GST is going to take India forward leaps and bounds. Let us all work together for the common man. Some things should be above petty politics. This of course, is my request, you all know better...

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