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In Parliament, Congress Says This Is What BJP Is Best At: Highlights
Feb 05, 2018 14:38 (IST)

  • We are a government that takes decisions that ensure the betterment of the people, not one that just says things to please them. We take tough decisions so that the country becomes strong.
  • GST was the biggest reform that was possible under the strong leadership of PM Narendra Modi.
  • Let me reassure my friends in the opposition, that BJP was never against the GST, when we were in opposition. We were against the manner in which the UPA was handling it.
  • The UPA had weakened the federal structure... States did not have the trust or confidence that the precious government would be able to manage it. There was a huge trust deficit.
  • The Modi government promised that we would bailout states when they need it at the start of GST. We are now doing that.
  • States are being compensated. The NDA government has earned the trust of the states. The UPA must know that you need to work and live up to your word to earn trust.

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