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Budget 2018 Highlights: Free Healthcare, More Money For Farmers In Arun Jaitley's Pre-Poll Budget
Feb 01, 2018 13:34 (IST)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks on Budget 2018

- This Budget strengthens the expectations and aspirations of 1.25 billion people.
- It is pro farmers, businesses and the common man.
- Ease of living a focus big along with ease of doing business.
- These measures will open new means of employment in rural areas.
- I congratulate the Finance Minister for the decision regarding MSP (minimum support price). I am sure it will help farmers tremendously.
- The 'Gobar Dhan' scheme will also help to keep the village clean, as well as increase farmers' income.
- 'Ayushman Bharat Yojana' will help all sections of society, provide 10 crore poor families with health insurance. This is the world's largest government-funded healthcare scheme
- The establishment of 24 new medical colleges will help the youth to pursue medical studies. Our endeavor is to have at least one medical college in three parliamentary areas in the country.
- Senior citizens will now receive at least 8% interest on amounts upto Rs 15 lakh. There will be no tax on interest of up to Rs 50,000 on their funds deposited at post pffice and banks
- To ensure more take-home salary for women, the EPF for women employees has been reduced to 8%
- For better ease of living, infrastructure is very important. 6 lakh crore allotted for 'next generation' infrastructure. This is 1 lakh crore more than last year.
- I congratulate the Finance Minister and his team for a Budget that ensures ease of living and strengthens the foundation of a new India.

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