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Davos World Economic Forum 2018 LIVE Updates: Let Us Create A "Heaven Of Freedom' Sans Divisions, Says PM Modi
Jan 23, 2018 16:51:31 (IST)
The third challenge is increased self-centredness around the world. Globalisation around the world is shrinking. Every one talks of an inter-connected world but the shine of globalisation is reducing. We must see if the global organisations created after World War II reflects the new dynamics of the world today. Some world powers don't just want shun globalisation but they want to stall it. An example of this are new tariff barriers.

Mahatma Gandhi had said I dont want the walls and windows of my world be closed from all sides. I want the air of the world to come in freely but it shouldn't uproot my home. India follows this philosophy. We Indians understand the value of diversity. We understand the importance of freedom and democracy.

In 2014, India's 600 crore voters, for the first time gave a complete majority to one party, and we have always strived for 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas'. And this forms the bedrock of all policies of my government. Be it opening bank accounts for all Indians to ensure financial inclusion, or digital inclusion, or gender justice. Progress is only real when it helps everyone and everyone joins us in the journey.

Our path to progress is reform, perform and transform. This is why investing in India, travelling to India, manufacturing in India has become much easier than before. We have pledged to end license raj, we are removing red tape and laying out the red carpet. New doors for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are being opened. 1400 laws that were hurdles to progress have been scrapped. GST has been implemented, technology is being used to increase transparency. Democracy, demography and dynamism are shaping our destiny today.

In 3.5 years, India has seen massive changes that accept the aspirations of 1.25 billion Indians. Innovation and entrepreneurship is making young Indians job givers, not job seekers. For a shared prosperity, we have to work together, shedding our differences.

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