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Delhi Pollution Updates: Ban On Entry Of Trucks Lifted, Says Green Court
Nov 17, 2017 14:03:10 (IST)
Record 35,000 Runners Register For Delhi Half Marathon Despite Pollution
Delhi Half Marathon organisers claim it has not affected registration for the event, where 35,000 people have signed up for participation -- a 1,000 more than last year.

Around 30,000 had taken part in the race in 2015 and the numbers have touched 35,000 this year, according to race organisers, Procam International. "It's great to see that how event registrations close much before the stipulated date and we are glad that ADHM has played a transformational role in bringing communities together," Vivek Singh, Joint Managing Director, Procam International, told news agency PTI.

Out of these 35,000 participants, 13,216 (elite and amateur together) will run in the half marathon (21.097km) distance, while the remaining will take part in five categories of Great Delhi Run, Timed 10K Run, Senior Citizens Run and Champions with Disability Run.

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