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Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election LIVE: Congress Says Ahmed Patel Re-Elected For Fifth Term After Tough Fight
Aug 08, 2017 19:58 (IST)
'Reject The Vote': Congress' Anand Sharma

Congress parliamentarian Anand Sharma said a Congress legislator had mistakenly showed his vote in Haryana, and his vote was rejected. "The same was done in Gujarat and so should be rejected," Mr Sharma said, news agency ANI reported.

BJP's Nirmala Sitharaman, however, pointed out that since 2010, the secrecy clause does not exist. "The presiding officer has the power to reject a vote. He did not object. Even the Congress did not object then. Why now?" Ms Sitharaman told NDTV.

Congress parliamentarian Anand Sharma speaks to the media

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