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Gujarat Rajya Sabha Election LIVE: Congress Says Ahmed Patel Re-Elected For Fifth Term After Tough Fight
Aug 08, 2017 10:59:54 (IST)
Here's how voting is being conducted for the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections:

1) Voting began in the Gujarat assembly building at 9 am and will continue till 4 pm. The results will be declared by 6 pm.

2) The legislators have been provided ballot papers where the names of candidates are printed. The MLAs need to indicate their choice in the boxes provided next to name of each candidate. The vote will be shown to the polling officer before it is dropped into the ballot box.

3) Members of legislative assemblies or MLAs vote in Rajya Sabha elections in what is called a proportional representation with the single transferable vote (STV) system. Each voter's vote is counted only once.

4) Each voter ranks his preferences and if the first choice candidate has enough votes already or no chance of being elected, the vote is transferred to the second choice and so on.

5) Parties sometimes ask their lawmakers to indicate no more than one choice, so the vote cannot be used by another party's candidate.

6) The number of votes a candidate needs to win is arrived at by dividing the number of votes with the number of seats plus one, and then adding 1 to the result.

7) Gujarat has 182 seats, but 6 Congress members, who quit the party recently, will not be eligible to vote.  The current strength of the house is 176, and there are three seats. So a candidate will need 45 votes for an outright victory.

8) As the voting is done through open ballot and every legislator shows his vote to the polling agent, those who violate the party whip can lose party membership.

9) But since assembly elections are just a few months away, some lawmakers may risk their membership by defying party whip.

10) Voters may also use the NOTA option, which has been upheld recently by the Supreme Court for Rajya Sabha elections.

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