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Narendra Modi In US: PM And I Are World Leaders In Social Media, Says Donald Trump At White House
Jun 27, 2017 03:05 (IST)
PM Modi and I are world leaders in social media: Donald Trump

Donald Trump:
Great honour to welcome leader of the world's largest democracy to the White House

Always had deep admiration for your country and people

Profound respect for your rich culture and heritage

I pledged India would have a true friend in the White House, and that is what you have

Both American and Indian constitutions begin with the same three beautiful words - We The People

The PM and I understand the importance of those words

After our meetings today, I will say relationship between India, US never been stronger, never been better

PM Modi and I are world leaders in social media, we are believers

I am thrilled to salute you PM Modi and all that you have accomplished

You have many accomplishments. India is the fastest growing economy in the world

In a few days you will launch the largest tax overhaul (GST) in your country, we will do it too

You are fighting government coruption

I look forward to working with you to create jobs in our countries and grow our economies

It is important import barriers be reduced for US goods. Hope for a more fair trade balance

To further our economic partnership, PM has invited daughter Ivanka to lead American delegation 

We will destroy radical Islamic terrorism. We have both suffered from terrorism

I also thank Indian people for their contributions in Afghanistan

North Korean regime is causing tremendous problems and that is something to be dealt with

PM Modi thank you again for joining me today and visiting our wonderful White House and Oval office

India and US will always be tied together in friendship and respect

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