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Watch: Prannoy Roy And Experts On UK Election Results
Jun 09, 2017 21:37 (IST)
Dr Prannoy Roy: In the British Elections the Labour leader is the new hero. And Theresa May, the Conservative Prime minster, is in tatters. 

This despite the conservatives winning 319 seats - 58 more than Labour's 261. 

The election's seemingly bizarre impact on the two leaders once again shows how in politics - as in life - it's not reality that is measured. What matters is reality compared with expectations. 

Before these elections the expectations were that Corbyn would lose 100 to 150 seats. In the end he lost by only - well actually a quite substantial - 58. Ironically Corbyn benefited by losing by 58 rather than 100. And May lost out because she won - won by only 58 and not by 100 or 150 seats. 

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