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WAP PagePusher

Banner type


NDTV Property



320x50 will expand to 320x320

NDTV mobile website (WAP)

Expansion frequency capped to 2 per user and the expansion will retract after 7 secs. After that it will be click to expand.

Ad Unit Specs
  • Max 20kb for standard creative and 40 kb for Expandable
  • Dimensions – please refer the above table
  • GIF, JPG, PNG, 3rd Party Tags
  • In case of tags, all images should include borders.
  • No replay text required in base panel – 30x12 pixels space required towards left or right on either top or bottom, for NDTV to place the Expand and Close text.
  • Requirement for Tags –
    • Prominent Expand & CloseX button – Size should be 30x12 pixels.
    • Tag should auto-expand twice and auto-retract within 7secs.
    • On 3rd refresh it should render on user-initiation but needs to auto-retract within 7 secs.