Dalits From Gujarat's 'Amul Town' Drink Milk To Protest Against Attacks

Dalits in Gujarat have been protesting the rise in attacks on them by self-styled cattle vigilantes.

Ahmedabad: The protests by Dalits over the July 11 flogging of Dalit boys in Gujarat's Una by self-styled cow protection vigilantes continued for the second week on Monday, but unlike several places where youth tried to commit suicide to express their anger, they found a unique way of protest in India's milk capital, Anand.

They drank loads of milk as their way of protest. With Anand being the home to Amul, milk is never in short supply.

However, a crowd of over 1,000 people from the Dalit community took out a procession in Himmatnagar in north Gujarat to submit a memorandum to authorities seeking action in Una case.

Later, a group of the protestors reached the State Transport bus depot and ransacked the canteen premises.

Similar situation was seen in Mehsana where the protestors marched to the mamlatdar's office and presented their memorandum. But soon after that, some of them sat on protest outside the office and refused to move out. It was after a lot of persuasion that they agreed to vacate the premises.

Even in Surat, protestors took a procession to the district collectorate.