Women Are Fast-Emerging As Face Of So-Called Metaverse

More women are today adapting themselves to change the game in the male-dominated tech industry.

Women Are Fast-Emerging As Face Of So-Called Metaverse

Women are fast-emerging as the face of so-called Metaverse

It has been often said that technology is a great equaliser, which offers a level playing field by removing bias.

Still, the tech world has been very manly.

That is expected to change rapidly with the rolling out of the next generation of the Internet, Web3 or the Metaverse.

It is believed that the Metaverse will democratise the Internet to an unprecedented level. It is also hoped that creators will primarily drive the Metaverse, for instance, the gaming industry.

And thus, more women are today equipping themselves to change the game and challenge the male dominance of the tech industry.

Here are five women who are becoming the face of the Metaverse:

1. Candice Houtekier, Art Collision's Founder and Director

Candice has been exploring the Metaverse since 2016. She investigates and builds new virtual realities to create and transform the international art market. Three years into Metaverse, she established the Toronto-based Art Collision agency, which provides marketing, website design and management, rebranding, consulting, and creative services in digital, virtual reality, and crypto networks. She is one of the leading examples of how women are guiding the tech industry for good.

2. Mary Matheson, Film Director and VR Creator

A creative director and executive producer of unique experiences, Mary Matheson, combine this new technology -- mobile reality, augmented reality, and virtual reality -- with intimate documentary techniques to immerse the audience in the story.

3. Janine Yorio, co-founder and CEO of Everyrealm

After selling her real estate investment app, Janine started speculating on Metaverse properties for fun. Still, soon this gambit turned into a real business opportunity, and she founded her metaverse investment company. After gaining experience in the new world, she says the most important thing to understand about developing in the Metaverse and making NFTs is that these products need communities.

4. Mary Spio, CEO and Founder of CEEK

A deep space engineer, tech innovator and entrepreneur, Mary Spio is the CEO of CEEK VR, which creates tools for supplying virtual and augmented reality experiences. She grew up in Ghana and moved to the US when she was 16. She has created content and technologies for Boeing, Lucas Films, Universal Music, Miami Children's Hospital, and Microsoft Xbox.

5. Ang'l Artiste: An Artist and a VR Creator

Ang'l Artiste is a Horizon Worlds creator from Brooklyn, New York. Apart from creating art, she also conducts exhibitions in her virtual Black art museum and sculpting in virtual reality.