Why You Must Have Travel Insurance

While travelling, travel insurance policies play a crucial role. Uncertainties occur at any time and you must be prepared for them.

Why You Must Have Travel Insurance

With an increase in overall necessities, travelling has developed one more indemnity

Travel has become an inevitable part of our lives - both personal and professional. Since time immemorial, humans have had this urge to explore and travel. Today, as travelling and exploring distant destinations is fast becoming a fashion, there has been a tremendous increase in the collateral associated with it. With an increase in overall necessities, travelling has developed one more indemnity, i.e. travel insurance. While travelling, travel insurance policies play a crucial role. Uncertainties occur at any time and you must be prepared for them.

Think of what happened with Vaneeta Sethi. In 2016, she went to visit her son who is based in the UK. It wasn't her first foreign travel and thus, she was sure that nothing could go wrong as far as her travel to the UK was concerned. But an unfortunate thing happened: she lost her baggage! She was travelling via a foreign airline - it wasn't even an Indian carrier. All alone, she did not know what to do.

"I was nervous. I asked the airport officials to help me out. They tried to look for my luggage but could not locate it. Here I was ready to meet my son after a year and yet, all that I had brought for him was lost. I first blamed the airline, which promised me the best of help. But I realised later that not taking a travel insurance was actually my fault," Ms Sethi said.

Thus, it is imperative that you protect yourself from such worries. This is why a travel insurance policy is essential.

Things you must take care of before buying travel insurance

What is the maximum payable?

Bills and expenses have a habit of piling up when emergency strikes, so always make sure that the maximum payable amount offered by your policy is enough to cover any emergencies.

Do I need separate medical insurance?

Though most policies provide medical coverage to the insured person, not all of them do. Before you pay the premium for your travel insurance, confirm whether it covers medical emergencies as well as travel related emergencies.

Will the policy cover any complications arising out of a pre-existing condition?

Most policies do provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, but this varies from insurer to insurer. Make sure you know about the conditions which apply to this clause of the policy, and see whether you fulfil them or not.

Are all activities covered?

Don't just assume that your basic travel insurance policy will cover everything. If you are going to indulge in adventure sports, they may be classified as high-risk and maybe outside the scope of your insurance cover. Confirm what is not covered as a high-risk activity, and make sure that you get a plan that covers what you wish to do.

A few questions asked may seem like a tough task, but these questions could end up helping you save a lot on your travel insurance plan.

Fronting a claim rejection is the last thing that you would want to come across when you are back from your holiday. Being oblivious about the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy can make your touch down a bit distressing. Thus, to save yourself from the stress of travel insurance claim rejection, it is important to understand what the major reasons behind it are.

How to avoid rejection of travel insurance claim

When you file a claim for something you are not covered for, then it becomes obvious that it will be turned down. Not reading the policy document carefully or not opting for the cover that you need, are usually the two reasons behind this.

It is a consumer's responsibility to read through the policy documents properly to understand the coverage well.

This is a misconception among people that if you hide your medical history, you are at profit as you pay lower premiums. Actually, you do pay lower premiums but do not get covered for a number of ailments, which in fact is a bigger loss.

Insurance is an agreement that needs to be transparent, as the entire contract is based upon the veracity of the facts declared in it. When you hide things you are at a loss in the long-run.

If you end up having an accident or mishap on your trip while you are high on alcohol or drugs, then your cover becomes null and void. This means that you may be covered for the same event while you are sober, but not when you are high.

Adventure sports are generally excluded from travel insurance policies. However, if you are planning an adventure trip, it is always wise to ask your insurance provider the coverage that you are entitled to.

When you make a claim, your insurer needs proof of everything that you've claimed for. So you must keep all proofs in place to make a claim. If you miss out on some bills, you don't get reimbursed for them.

If you are visiting a place where travel warnings have been issued and something unfortunate happens, then it is most probable that you won't be covered for it. Standard travel insurance policies won't cover you. Always check for travel warnings to make certain that the place you are travelling to is safe to visit or not.

When you travel, make it a point to travel worry-free. Gear up for the experience, and stay prepared for contingencies with a travel insurance policy that keeps you well-covered all around.

To understand exactly about the policy coverage, exclusions etc., read the policy document carefully.

So now every time you travel, do buy travel insurance. This will make your travel easier, smoother, and worry-free. You might not require the use of that cover but you will certainly not regret buying it. Travel insurance is never a waste of money. It is only an extra layer of security that you add when you step out from the safety and comfort of your home. Thus, avoid taking risks and travel without hassles by buying a travel insurance cover.

You may consider buying the IFFCO Tokio travel Insurance Policy, which is one of the most renowned insurance policies in the country.

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