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This Article is From Mar 29, 2022

When Tech Meets Human Expertise: How Sharekhan Is Helping Traders Achieve Their Goals?

Technology has been a critical enabler for capital markets. However, only a few players have etched their mark, like Sharekhan.

When Tech Meets Human Expertise: How Sharekhan Is Helping Traders Achieve Their Goals?

Sharekhan helps traders achieve their financial goals effortlessly

Technology has been a critical enabler for capital markets. However, only a few players have etched their mark, like Sharekhan. They brought a heady infusion of the most advanced technology platform and experienced, well–rounded relationship managers. They help you to achieve your financial goals effortlessly.

Here is an overview of their process that is laid out to optimise the advisory services and trading platform offerings:

Help you identify and enumerate your needs and goals:

This is one of the essential steps to conduct comprehensive financial planning. The need for identification has to be done based on assessing factors including age, stage of life, income levels, dependents, current net worth etc. The needs so assessed has to be enumerated. The enumeration here means providing a timeline and the corpus requirement.

For example, irrespective of your stage of life or income levels, you will have to plan for a need like a retirement plan. The corpus you will need to live a financially stress-free retirement life has to be arrived at. This will require considering aspects like building a corpus that accounts for inflation for your working years and the years during your retirement. You will have to make valid assumptions regarding your life expectancy, required expenses at retirement, etc.

A Sharekhan representative can help you with the number-crunching; there are research tools that can simplify this process for you. Without adequate knowledge and research equipment, this process can be pretty daunting. The Sharekhan financial counsellors have the required expertise to enable you to create a financial plan which is realistic and achievable; this is an integral part of building a feasible financial plan.

Assess your risk appetite to facilitate a portfolio design:

Risk assessment is a task that is often ignored or done wrong. It requires an experienced person to make a correct assessment. Individuals with lower experience in equity investing often underestimate or overestimate their risk appetite. Their risk perceptions are influenced by their behavioural biases. It takes a trained eye to deep dive and probe properly to accurately assess the risk appetite.

The Sharekhan trading platform has curated risk questionnaires that aid financial counsellors to make the correct assessment. There is a need to conduct this assessment periodically to ensure that any changes in risk appetite are appropriately captured to make necessary realignments in the portfolio.

Build a portfolio that aligns well with your goals:

The financial counsellor does not stop at this; they provide you with enough support with required research materials and help you build a portfolio that aligns with your goals. The financial counsellors also ensure that the portfolio aligns with your risk appetite. This task is quite intensive and requires expertise to ensure that the portfolio consists of securities that are of good quality and will stand the test of time.

The tech platform at Sharekhan offers extensive screener tools that help filter the stocks to complement your risk appetite and your financial goals. Financial counsellors at Sharekhan can help you choose the right metrics to use to filter the right investment avenues.

Suggest tactical and strategic portfolio realignments during volatile markets:

Financial planning is a dynamic exercise; you need to revisit your goals and risk appetite constantly. The key to strategic reassessment is your age and your stage of life.

Typically, if you are young, your risk appetite is higher than that of your older counterparts. When you have just started earning, your financial goals are likely to be more along the lines of lifestyle needs like a luxury car, exotic vacations etc., as you grow older and enter new phases of life with increased responsibilities, your needs transform. The corpus to be built would increase substantially; during such time, there is a need to conduct a strategic reassessment and align your portfolio such that it caters to short-medium-long term requirements.

Tactical portfolio realignment has to be conducted depending on the market direction. These realignments should not hurt the portfolio using adjacent costs like transactions and taxes. One should look at the larger picture whilst trying to make these tactical realignments and ensure that the pursuit of alpha should not translate to higher costs.

Provide necessary, concise, accurate and timely information to help you make informed decisions:

Financial counsellors at Sharekhan endeavour to provide information to empower you with the required knowledge, which will enable you to undertake informed decisions. The news is specially curated to align with your requirement.

Sharekhan leverages technology to ensure that the information is provided promptly. Their regular mutual communication efforts highlight the latest happenings and the newest opportunities. The financial representatives discuss the opportunities that align with your profile the most. They empower you with enough information.

Monitor and review your portfolio periodically to assess the performance vis-à-vis your requirements:

Sharekhan ensures that the monitoring and review of the portfolio happen at regular intervals. The reports are automated to minimise human intervention, thereby reducing any scope for manual errors. These reports are emailed to the registered client email and the respective financial counsellors.

The financial representatives ensure that they monitor the portfolio regularly to maintain the quality of the portfolio; they also ensure that the risk of the portfolio stays within manageable limits.

Meetings as per your convenience to address your needs and demo the research tools:

The representatives at Sharekhan are accessible at the convenience of clients. There is a counsellor who constantly stays in touch with you to address your needs and requirements quickly.

Trust and integrity are maintained at the highest order at Sharekhan, and we ensure that our financial counsellors put these aspects above all else. They stay true to these principles in every instance of interaction with clients.

The effort is also to empower and increase the financial literacy among investors; inline, there are personal demo sessions carried out by financial counsellors where the traders are equipped to use the research tools efficiently.

Sharekhan becomes your one-stop-shop for your financial planning and investments. It offers the best of both worlds – technology and expertise. What's more, the costs are competitive, and the company has grown leaps and bounds by keeping ethical practice and integrity as its core pillars.

For detail disclaimer, please visit to Sharekhan website.

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