This Article is From Apr 18, 2013

TCS to hire 45,000 this year; wage hike to average 7 per cent


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) will give wage hikes averaging about 7 per cent this year to its employees in India, along with 100 per cent variable pay, the software major said on Wednesday.

"We will give 100 per cent variable pay for the quarter. The wage hike this year will be averaging seven per cent in India. So based on their performance, they (employees) will see wage hike of 5-10 per cent plus," said Ajoy Mukherjee, EVP and head of global human resources at TCS.

Salaries of employees in developing countries will go up 4-6 per cent, while those located in developed countries will see hikes ranging 2-4 per cent.

The wage hike cycle will start April onwards.

TCS will also hire 45,000 people this year and has already made 25,000 campus offers, the company said.

"Last quarter, we have given offers to 25,000 trainees and they will start joining from Q2 (second quarter) onwards. We will be adding about 45,000 (people) this year," he said.

The company, which announced its results today, said it hired 20,098 people (gross) in the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2013. The net addition stood at 12,559 people.

The attrition rate during the quarter stood at 10.6 per cent on LTM (last twelve month) basis. During FY13, TCS added 69,728 (gross) and 37,613 (net) people during the year taking its total headcount to 2,76,196.

"The overall attrition rate was lower at 10.57 per cent, with IT attrition at a low of 9.40 per cent and BPO attrition falling below 20 per cent threshold to 19.5 per cent on a last twelve month (LTM) basis," he said.

Mukherjee added that the company's efforts to increase retention by engaging with the employees and offering them a progressive career path is paying dividend with IT attrition rate falling further to below 10 per cent.