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Scambi Economici SA Goa, now known as Sesa Goa, was established 1954. Sesa Goa, the largest exporter of iron ore in the private sector, is a flagship company of the Sesa Group.Sesa Goa is India's largest producer and exporter of iron ore in the private sector and is on course to be in the league of top four iron ore producing companies in the World. Apart from Iron ore it also produces pig iron and metallurgical coke.

Besides iron ore mining, it has diversified into manufacture of pig iron and metallurgical coke. The mining operations of the company are located in Goa, Karnataka and Orrisa. Currently it accounts of nearly 10–12% of India?óÔé¼Ôäós iron ore exports and 1.3% of the world?óÔé¼Ôäós seaborne iron ore trade. Its Goa operations consist of two major iron ore mining areas, one in Codli village (in South Goa District) and the other in Sonshi village (in North Goa District). In addition, it derive its ore production from Sesa Resources mines and several satellite mines in North Goa and South Goa.Sesa in 1993 have gone in for non–recovery met coke ovens based on the Australian know–how. However, its first installation at Amona, Goa witnessed serious technological drawback/lacunae that resulted in major debacle, which required a total relook into the basic design of ovens

In 2010, Sesa Goa's iron ore production and sales increased 21.4 million tonnes and 20.5 million tonnes respectively.

Business activities

Iron ore operation –  The company presently exports approximately 5 million tonnes of iron ore, fines and lumps to its customers located in Japan, China, and Europe. It has iron ore mines located in Goa, Karnataka and Orissa.

Metallurgical Coke Division – For coke manufacturing, the company it entered into joint venture with Kembla Coal and Coke of Australia. It is into marketing of metallurgical coke that is used for manufacturing of pig iron, ferro–alloy units and cement mills. Around 60% of the coke is supplied to Sesa Industries for manufacturing pig iron. It operates 84 non–polluting, non–recovery type coke ovens producing 280,000 tonnes of low ash metallurgical coke per annum. The coal requirement is met through imports, mainly from Australia and the coal mix is designed to produce low ash premium quality coke. Approximately 65% of the capacity of the coke oven plant is consumed in house by the blast furnaces of Sesa Industries Limited.

Pig Iron Operations – Sesa Goa's Pig Iron business is managed through its Pig Iron Division erstwhile Sesa Industries Limited (SIL) which commenced operations in 1992. It was Sesa that introduced low–phosphorous foundry grade pig iron in India for the first time in 1992 and subsequently formalised the business under Pig Iron Division.

Sesa Goa's Metallurgical Coke Division – a 100% owned subsidiary of Sesa Goa Limited develops markets and supports technologies for the coke making technology. This technology was originally developed for use in our own operations and is now being marketed for use by third parties worldwide.



  • Sesa Goa was honored as ?óÔé¼?ôSustainable Asian Mining Project of the year?óÔé¼?Ø by Asian Mining Congress–2008
  • It was awarded in the best Value Creator (Large cap) category at The Outlook Money NDTV Profit Awards  2008.
  • It was selected as top Indian company in the mining sector category at Dun & Bradstreet American Express Corporate Awards 2007.
  •  Sesa Goa has won Overall first prize award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the 7th National conference on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, organised by Inspectorate of Factories and Boilers , Govt. of Goa – Feb,10.
  • Sesa Industires has won first prize award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in environment category during the 7th National conference on Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, organised by Inspectorate of Factories and Boilers , Govt. of Goa – Feb,10.
  • Sesa Goa received the Runners up Award for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practice at the 6th Social and Corporate Governance Awards 2010 by Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai.
  • Sesa Goa Limited, Codli Mine – Workshop & Stores has received the 5S certification from the Certificate Body of Quality Circle Forum of India in January 2011.
  • Sesa Goa mines in Goa have been selected for the prestigious British Safety Council?óÔé¼Ôäós International Safety Award for the year 2011. Five units of the company; Sonshi, Codli and Bicholim mines in Goa, the Pig Iron Plant and Met Coke Division in Amona, Goa bagged the top international award for the company.


  • 1954: Baron Ludovic Toeplitz lands in Goa. With the financial backing of an enterprising Italian, Alessandro, he acquires the Orosso Dongor Mining Concession in North Goa and starts a company called Scambi Economici S.A. Goa.
  • 1955: The company renamed Sesa Goa is bought over jointly by Gewerkeshaft Exploration a Bergbau represented by Eugene Plotzki and by Ferromin S.p.A. of Italy (a subsidiary of Finsider S.p.A. of the IRI group) represented by Paolo Tradardi, both parties having equal shareholding.
  • 1957: Another company started in Goa, Mingoa Sociedade Mineral Goesal S.a.r.l. is incorporated with Fiat of Torino as the principal shareholder.
  • 1963: Finsider S.p.A. acquires the West German interest in Sesa Goa Limitada and also all the shares of Mingoa.
  • 1965: Sesa Goa and Mingoa are incorporated as Private Limited Companies under Indian Companies Act 1956.
  • 1979: A single company Sesa Goa Private Limited is formed with amalgamation of Sesa Goa and Mingoa fully owned by Finsider S.p.A.
  • 1981: Sesa Goa goes public with 42,000 Indian shareholders holding 60% of its shares and the remaining 40% held by Finsider International (later became ILVA INTERNATIONAL)
  • 1984: Sesa Goa starts a barge construction unit at Sirsaim which has since developed into a Ship Building division.
  • 1992: First phase of 150,000 tons per year Pig Iron plant is commissioned and manufacture of low phosphorus foundry grade pig iron starts.
  • 1994: Second blast furnace is commissioned in July.
  • 1995: Sesa Shipping is launched in January with acquisition of Transhipper M.V. Orissa. 84 coke ovens are commissioned in April. 1996
  • On 11 October, MITSUI & CO. of Japan, through Earlyguard, UK, buys Finsider International with its 51% stake in Sesa Goa Ltd.
  • 1997: Sesa Kembla becomes 100% subsidiary of Sesa Goa.  Karnataka mining developments commence.
  • 1998: Sesa Community development Foundation is established to encompass NCM Sesa Technical School and a new Sesa Football Academy.
  • 1999: Sesa Goa commences mining operations at Barbil in Orissa producing high grade iron ore and exporting from the nearby ports of Haldia and Paradip.
  • 2000: Sesa Kembla Coke completes the development of an indigenous and environment friendly technology for producing high quality Metallurgical Coke and generating power as a by–product. Sesa Kembla applies for international patents for its technology.
  • 2002: Sesa Group becomes the first business of its kind to be certified with OHSAS 18001.
  • 2003: Sesa Goa equity in Sesa Industries raised to 88.25%
  • 2004: Sesa Group completes 50 years of operations.
  • 2007: Vedanta Resources Plc, a diversified metals and mining group, listed on the London Stock Exchange acquires 51% controlling stake in Sesa Goa Ltd. from Mitsui & Co. Ltd.
  • 2009: Sesa Goa Limited and Dempo Group have signed a definitive share purchase agreement under which Sesa has acquired all the outstanding common shares of VS Dempo & Co. Pvt. Ltd. along with its 100% equity shares of Dempo Mining Corporation Pvt. Ltd. and 50% equity shares of Goa Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2011– Sesa Goa Codli Mine – Workshop & Stores receives the 5S certification from the Certificate Body of Quality Circle Forum of India.

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