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Updated:31 Mar, 2020, 13:09 PM IST

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Dear Shareholders^,

I would like towelcomeyou tothe21it AnnualQeneral Meetingof your Company Urja Global limited/.

I am sure you share my sense of satisfaction/ at yet another year of robust growth of your Company. This performance Cs even more heartening–, given the challenging circummstances in the global economy and the slowdown in India/.

It gives– me immense pleasure to– share with you that UQl has– recorded strong performance in the Fiscal 2013. Before moving ahead I would like to– present you the highlights of the financial performance of the year gone by. Your Company grew its revenues by 6.6 percent over the previous–year, touching 11244 Crores. Its Net Profit improved by 5.04 percent, reaching 75.40 lakhs–. This growth has– been on the back– of continued business expansion initiatives resulting in freshlarge engagements.

Our product strategy continues to– focus on investing in product lines where wehave a clear differentiationandabeneficialvalueproposition/. Duringtheyear, wefurther strengthened our off grid Solar productsrange/.

Ourconsumerstrategy hasbeento–alignourselvesclosely withourcustomersby strengtheningourdistributionchainand wecontinueto–investindeepeningour relationship withour tradecommunity. With the set of Solar off grid products we have made inroads into– the rural market where discretionary spending is low. Our extended distribution network will enable us to– introduce more products to– more market segments, thus enabling our tradeto–grow withus.

Our people strategy has always been to recruit and retain people with leadership qualities. We invest in our people and believe they are one of the major reasons for our success. We believethatgrowthofourpeopleprecedes thegrowthofthecompany. Wepromote leadership within our ranks by offering people greater responsibility with the freedom to performtotheir best. Our people policy hasalways beenfairandweoperateinan atmosphere where talentisrespectedandachievementrewarded/.UGl strengthenedits leadership teamandinwestedintheSales andMarketin

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