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Updated:14 Jun, 2019, 15:59 PM IST

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Chairmans Speech

"I see a bright future for the Company which will translate into attractive margins and sustainable growth."

As the Company's Chairman, I must state that PNC Infratech has performed competently in each of these areas.

Any company that performs better does so within the context of its industry and national economy. This is so in our case as well.

There is a significant investment that is being made and will be made, in the country's infrastructure. The greater and quicker is this investment, the stronger are our prospects.

My optimism is derived from a distillation of all the numbers being considered about the projected growth in the country's infrastructure. And this is my conclusion: we have only seen 1 5 percent of India's infrastructure potential being achieved over the last decade. Over the coming decade, we see the remaining 85 percent of this potential being achieved. In simplistic terms, this indicates that the infrastructure sector expects to report a near six–fold increase in growth that has already transpired.

This is also an index of the kind of growth that companies like ours, outperforming the sectoral average, are likely to report.

The excitement at PNC Infratech is not as much about where we are but the direction in which we are headed.

These are the four infrastructure areas where we intend to enhance our presence:

Railways: The most exciting development within India's railways is the proposed Rs.40,000 crore rail freight corridors expected to be fully operational by 201 6–17. As an opportunity–focused organisation, we will appraise opportunities arising from this segment and grow our presence in this space.

Roads: We will not only bid for new road building contracts but increase the proportion of BOT projects in our revenue mix. This will generate sustainable revenues well into the long–term and also enrich the value of these investments when traffic throughput increases and the properties become considerably more valuable.