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Updated:05 Aug, 2020, 15:59 PM IST

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My Dear Shareowners,

As a young entrepreneur, I was always driven by ideas that would help improve people's lives, which is what led me to set up Lupin in 1968. Lupin embodies my vision to fight life–threatening diseases by manufacturing drugs of the highest social priority and quality medicines at affordable prices. It personifies the deep inter–connect between what we do and what society needs.

I am proud to say that today Lupin develops and manufactures drugs with the objective to treat disease, to heal and enrich human life. The better we do this, the better we are able to serve the community, the happier we are able to make people. As a result, happiness is not a business by–product, it is the critical bottomline of all that we have ever done and will continue to do at Lupin.

This overarching bottomline is the sum of all that every Lupinytt works towards at every level, function and location of our business, globally.

Some would measure our success by our leadership credentials, growth in revenues, profits, market shares, customer service records and market capitalisation. We, at Lupin, measure it by looking at how many new products and technology platforms we develop, how many lives we touch, how we make quality medicines more accessible and affordable to the common man globally. This is our index of success and happiness.

My vision for Lupin, from Rs. 5000 to USD 5 billion in 50 years, is but the beginning for a bigger more pertinent goal, a happier tomorrow.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta

Founder and Chairman Lupin Limited 

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