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Updated:23 Aug, 2019, 15:59 PM IST

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Letter to Shareholders

Mr. Sanjay Dhingra

(Chairman & Managing Director)

In this year of 2010 – 2011 our Company KDIL has achieved unprecedented growth over & above the last years exemplary performance. This year we have achieved many milestones crossing Rs. 1600 crores turnover and growth of over 150% in Profits after Tax over last year being some of them.

I congratulate you and the whole team of KDIL on achieving such high growth even in turbulent times. Today we are one of the fastest growing Dairy companies in India. There is a tremendous scope of growth in our industry as it is the highest contributor to the rural Indian economy and as we know, 70% population of India still resides in our villages.

The dairy sector needs to be in the forefront of our social life. There is need to identify the foods that can improve human health. This topic isn't strange to our Indian society. Consumption of milk and milk products have been an integral part of every Indian. Indian civilization is perhaps the first one to have laid significant importance on the inclusion of milk in daily diet. The need for fresh discussion is arising from the fact that with the growing affluence in the society there is increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases. The current rate at which our health is showing decline, it requires pointed attention of all the learned: researchers, health experts and dieticians. It is this agenda that put the onus on the dairy sector There is a need to re–emphasize and highlight advantages of Dairy food.

I hold the agenda on behalf of thousands of shareholders of Kwality Dairy. I wish to fulfill the expectations of the shareholders for that I have to dream and have a vision, It is a daunting task. But I dare to vision because I feel strengthened by the positive aura that is reflected on me.

Our group has expanded operation of dairy at a rapid pace. From a capacity to handle 50,000 litres daily to 17 lakh litres daily From a pilot project of setting up a rural network of just a 100 villages and a few thousand farmers in Haryana, Kwality is venturing into all the neighboring states investing Rs. 1000 crores over a period of next five years. It is not a mere expansion in terms of capacities and content. Kwality has an eye for quality of all consumer products. That is what draws us to buy milk directly from the milk producer.

Kwality Dairy also stands for bringing more and more health food for human consumption We are very grateful to the National Dairy Research Institute for the developmental and applied research that they are carrying on. It is their research on establishing a laboratory scale method to produce low–cholesterol ghee that caught our attention. We decided to associate with their scientists in venturing into commercial production We jointly developed the technique, technology and processes to help us standardize production of ghee with 85% less cholesterol. This has given advantage to Kwality Dairy, being the first in the dairy sector, to have ventured into launching "Dairy Best Livlite". I invite all of you to test "Dairy Best Livlite" low–cholesterol ghee and give us your voluntary feedback.

We shall provide best quality products to improve the health of India and thus fulfilling our social responsibility along with our economic responsibility to make profits for our stakeholders thus making inclusive growth.

I would also like to inform you that your company has decided to increase its global footprint and open a wholly owned subsidiary in Dubai that will open new markets for our products.

At last I would like to congratulate you on listing of your company's stock on NSE Ticker.

Thank You