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Jubilant Life Sciences (formerly Jubilant Organosys) was incorporated in the year 1978. It has three subsidiary companies in India – Jubilant Biosys for bio/chemo informatics databases and drug discovery services, Jubilant Chemsys for medicinal chemistry services and Clinsys Clinical Research for clinical research.

The company sells its products across the globe in more than 50 countries. The company also has subsidiaries located in USA, Belgium and China such as Jubilant Pharmaceuticals Inc for generic pharmaceutical and Clinsys Clinical Research Inc for clinical research. It also operates marketing subsidiaries in USA and China.Further, the company also has four manufacturing locations in India situated at Gajraula (Uttar Pradesh), Nanjangud (Karnataka), Nira (Maharashtra) and Samlaya (Gujarat) and a US FDA approved manufacturing facility for dosage forms in Maryland, USA.

Business of the company:

The company offers drug discovery and development services, custom research and manufacturing services, advance intermediates, fine chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, dosage forms and regulatory affairs services. It is an integrated pharmaceutical and life sciences company. It is the largest Custom Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) player and a leading Drug Discovery and Development Solution (DDDS) provider out of India. The company  provides Life Science Products and Services across the value chain, serving its customers globally with its ground presence in India, North America, Europe and China. The Company is well recognised as a Partner of Choice by leading life sciences companies worldwide.

The business is segmented into:

Life Science Products:

Life Science Ingredients, which includes Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Advance Intermediates, Fine Chemicals, Exclusive Synthesis – Intermediates & APIs, Nutrition Ingredients, Crop Science Chemicals and Life Sciences Chemicals.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: The Company offers a range of pharmaceutical bulk actives and intermediate in therapeutic categories of Centralnervous system, cardiovascular system, Gastro–intestinal and Anti–infectives.

  • Patent non–infringing technologies
  • State–of–the–art pilot and commercial scale multi–purpose
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants conforming to cGMP guidelines and approved by various regulatory    authorities such as US FDA, French AFSSAPS and Japanese PMDA.
  • R & D facilities to support early development of generic APIs
  • High quality documents – Drug Master Files

The company has more than 45 products under different stages of development. The new product development is mainly focused on therapeutic categories of Central Nervous Systems, Cardiovascular system and Anti–diabetics. A dedicated team of more than 100 research scientists work in our state–of–the–art research centers at Noida and Nanjangud. These research facilities are equipped with latest scientific instruments.

Advance Intermediates: The Company manufactures and markets Pyridine and its derivatives. They are used as advance intermediates by the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries and many other industries. Pyridine has certain chemical properties like receptiveness to chemical ions that makes it useful in a wide range of chemical reactions. Globally we have the first position in pyridine and its derivatives and we continue to grow.

Fine Chemicals: Jubilant offers a range of Fine Chemicals that are widely used as building blocks and intermediates mainly in pharmaceutical and agrochemical bulk actives. Currently, we offer more than 165 Fine chemicals to its customers globally. These fine chemicals are used in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for a wide range of therapeutic segments including anti–ulcer, anti–tuberculosis, anti–AIDS, anti–infective, anti–arthritics and many more. In the agrochemical industry, Fine chemicals are used to manufacture herbicides, insecticides & fungicides. They are also used in personal care product.

Exclusive Synthesis – Intermediates & APIs: Jubilant Life Sciences’ Exclusive Synthesis business acts as an outsourcing partner for many Life Science innovators and has adopted 'Active Selection' concept for the wide range of services it offers to its customers.

Custom Manufacturing Intermediates & APIs:Jubilant focuses on manufacturing of both Clinical and Commercial phase products from grams to kilo’s and 100’s of tons.

Supply of Generic APIs:Jubilant produces a range of APIs based on its leading Pyridine position, manufactured at its US FDA approved API facility at Nanjangud in India. We are able to tailor the product to fit your requirements be it for combination products or branded generics.

Manufacturing FacilitiesActive Selection demands continuous improvement of facilities with heavy investment.

cGMP Pilot Plants:

The company has state–of–art Kilo–Lab and Pilot plants both at Gajraula (Near Delhi) for Non–Regulatory steps synthesis and at Nanjangud (Near Bengaluru) for Regulatory steps.

Reactors ranging from 20L to 630L (Including Glass assemblies and Cryogenic reactors, Autoclaves operating at 58 Kg/cm2 and 280oC)

Operations at both very high (450oC) and very low (–80oC) temperatures.

Commercial Plants:Jubilant operates large commercial plants at Gajraula (Near Delhi) for Non–Regulatory steps and at Nanjangud (Near Bengaluru) for cGMP intermediates and APIs. The Nanjangud facility is USFDA approved.

  • Nanjangud has 107 reactors (Including Hastelloy and Cryogenic) ranging from 1 KL to 12 KL with a reactor volume of 650 KL along with Autoclaves operating at 58 kg/cm2 & 280oC, Bromination and Fluorination facilities.
  • Gajraula has 100 reactors (Including MSGLR, SS, Hastealloy and Cryogenic) ranging from (1KL to 12 KL) with a reactor volume of 600 KL, along with Autoclaves operating at 58 Kg/cm2 & 280oC, Bromination and Fluorination facilities
  • High Vacuum System, Highly Efficient Distillation Columns with structured packing of 30 meters packed height, Solvent Recovery Plants.DCS process control systems used widely.

Nutrition Ingredients: The company is a significant player in the Nutrition market, it manufacturers and markets a wide range of nutritional ingredients and formulations for application across feed, food, pharmaceutical and personal care. The Company enjoys a strong position of trust and reliability with its customers across the globe on account of its quality of products and services. Our manufacturing facilities are certified by international regulatory authorities and our products conform to major international pharmacopoeias.

The Company offers:

  • Vitamins: B3,B4
  • Enzymes
  • Premixes
  • Specialty & Other Ingredients

Crop Science Chemical: Jubilant's CSC (Crop Science Chemicals) business offers Key advance intermediates and Actives for Crop Science and Agrochemical industry.

In line with Jubilant's focus on integrated offering of products to all it's customers, the Company has extended its expertise in the area of Pyridines & it's derivatives to develop best in class products for the Crop Science & Agrochemicals industry. As a global leader in Pyridine & its derivatives the Company aims at introducing new products and achieving global scale of operations for most of the related Crop Science products for the Agrochemicals industry.

Life Sciences Chemicals: Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Acetyls in India for more than two decades. We enjoy a global position in these products. We derive our strengths in this business from our molasses based production process. We use renewable biomass (molasses; which is a by product from sugar mills), as feedstock for manufacturing Acetyls. Therefore, we are not impacted by the cost cycles that affect the industry worldwide.

Jubilant Life Sciences owns distilleries at Gajraula and Nira. These are strategic to the business as they are located in the 2 largest sugar belts of India – Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. The Company has long–term contracts with the sugar mills to meet alcohol requirements while providing easy access to feedstock.

Product ListAcetic AcidAcetic AnhydrideEthyl AcetateMonochloroacetic Acid

Generics include Solid Dosage Forms, Radiopharmaceuticals and Allergenic Extracts.

Life Science Services:

CMO of sterile & non sterile products: Jubilant Life Sciences operates in North America with two facilities that specialize in the manufacture of sterile and non–sterile products. One is in Spokane, Washington, USA and other located in Montreal, Canada offering sterile and non–sterile manufacturing services. Jubilant HollisterStier Contract Manufacturing is recognised globally for its quality, execution, manufacturing capabilities and strong regulatory track records.

Drug Discovery & Development Services:  Drug Discovery and Development at Jubilant is driven by the passion to provide affordable drugs to the patients worldwide in the areas of unmet needs .Jubilant scientists collaborate across technology and therapeutic platforms to identify and validate novel small molecules and platforms that will enable first or best in class healthcare efforts of our collaborators. High quality innovation is supported by a robust and highly efficient R&D process that makes Jubilant the preferred partner for many global pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Healthcare: Jubilant First Trust Healthcare, a subsidiary of Jubilant Life Sciences, based in Kolkata, is driving the healthcare initiative of Jubilant in India.

The Company holds the following global leadership positions:

    No. 1 in Pyridine and its derivatives

    No. 1 in Lutidines and Collidines

    No. 1 in API of Carbamazepine, Oxcarbazepine, Lamotrigene, ValSartan and Pinavarium Bromide

    No. 2 in API of Citalopram and Risperidone

    No. 3 in Niacin & Niacinamide, Allergenic Extracts

    Leading North American immunotherapy and vaccine company

    Among leaders in CMO – sterile injectables in North America

    Amongst top 3 in several Generic Dosage Forms


Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 for life sciences & consumer products to Mr. Shyam S. Bhartia, Chairman & Managing Director and Mr. Hari S Bhartia, Co–Chairman and Managing Director.
Best CFO in the pharmaceutical and healthcare space in 2011 for Jubilant’s Group CFO Mr. R. Sankaraiah.
DHL – CNBC TV 18 International Trade Awards 2010–11, powered by ICRA.
Among the companies with a Level 4 rating by The Karmayog Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Study on CSR Ratings of India’s Largest 500 companies: 2009–10.
International Quality & Productivity Centre Award (2011) for the Best Innovative Continuous Improvement Project – Process Reengineering implemented in North American Subsidiaries.
Two Environmental Best Practices Award 2011, by CII–Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, under Most Innovative Environmental Project and Most Useful Environmental Project for the Co–processing of Hazardous waste in cement kiln at our manufacturing facility at Nanjangud, Karnataka, India .


NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award 2012 for Corporate Social Responsibility.
National Quality Excellence Award for best in Class manufacturing presented by Stars of the Industry Group.
CII “National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2012 “as “Water Efficient Unit” for Gajraula Unit.
Economic Times – Frost & Sullivan India Manufacturing Excellence Gold Award – Process Sector for 2012.
I.C.C. Award for Water Resource Management in Chemical Industry for the year 2011.
Winner of Golden Peacock Award for Sustainability 2012.
Winner of the Golden Peacock Environment Management Award 2012.