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Updated:22 Oct, 2021, 15:59 PM IST

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Chairman's Message  

 It's the dream of any research–driven pharma enterprise to launch its own New Chemical Entity (NCE) in the market. This has been a pivotal year in which we realized this dream; the dream of putting the first NCE from an Indian Pharma company in the market. The unrelenting focus on research capabilities that we developed internally at every stage of the research programme and groundbreaking teamwork has resulted in this pioneering effort. As a result of this milestone achievement your Company is today a stronger, innovation–led company – with a clearer promise of the future.

The foundation of our successes

This is perhaps the most apt moment in our corporate history to remember our Founder Chairman, the Late Mr. Ramanbhai B. Patel and his vision that had first sown the seeds of innovation. He believed lhat innovation was the key to build a differentiated standing in the market. To be able to offer what didn't exist – was a simple maxim but it created a strong edifice of a company that made innovation its cornerstone. Early successes with innovation in therapies for pernicious anemia (Livirubra): incompatible neurotropics Vitamin Bi, B6 and B12 in a single vial, a derivative of INH tuberculosis and many other ailments created a niche in the marketplace. At the heart of it all, was a dream, a vision lhat has continued to guide the Company in its quest, ever since. It all began with a steadfast belief thai Ihe magnitude of research can never be greater than the human will to make it succeed 

 The Lipaglyn story

Among the many chronic diseases that we are grappling with, diabetes is the one that confounds us with new findings, each one more alarming than the one before. Nearly 90% of people suffering from diabetes also suffer from dyslipidemia or lipid disorders. This discovery is significant because the world finally has found an answer to the problem which we recognize as 'Metabolic Syndrome' or 'Syndrome X ' – a highly complicated medical condition where one underlying disorder leads to other multiple disorders.

For a person suffering from diabetes who is struggling to keep his or her blood sugar levels down, there is another battle he/she constantly needs to fight, of keeping a check on the cholesterol levels, especially the triglyceride levels. The question is how does one do it in a safe and efficacious manner in which both the conditions are controlled?

This novel drug offers the dual benefit of controlling lipid levels as well as blood sugar levels in one single pill, in one single dosage form. It is for the first time that the problem of diabetic dyslipidemia has been distinctly identified and a treatment has been specifically approved for it. For the millions of people suffering from diabetes and grappling with the problem of dyslipidemia – here is a new way forward.

From a long term patient care point–of–view this is a remarkable discovery as Lipaglyn has been found to be safe on the heart, liver, kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. Right from the concept stage to the final approval – this is entirely an indigenous effort and we are extremely proud of it. Lipaglyn shows that India has what it takes to successfully launch its own patented molecules for chronic diseases such as diabetes and other metabolic disorders. India's innovation has always been anchored to cost effectiveness. But I think what's far more important, is that we also have the capabilities required in the entire spectrum of drug discovery. This is the belief and conviction that has made Lipaglyn possible. This is an important milestone for the entire healthcare fraternity in India and for the world of drug discovery as well and I'd like to dedicate this achievement to all the Indian research scientists. 

Innovation and technology leadership

During the journey of 12 years from concept to the New Drug Application, there were several opportunities to outlicense the drug. We chose not to do so and embarked upon a more challenging and differentiated path. There were phases in the clinical development programme which were new and an unchartered territory for us. At such times, it's our steely resolve to learn and acquire capabilities that helped us the most. Today, we are richer in our learnings. As we go about creating a unique portfolio of Zydus Discovery Products, we bask in a newly gained confidence that the ability to learn can open up new paths where none exist.

It has been opined that the ability to anticipate trends that will shape the future of technology, customers, society and the marketplace will determine the survival of an enterprise. Across the world, the healthcare fraternity continues to be engaged in exploring the critical role of new medicines in the prevention, treatment and management of diseases and improving the overall quality of life. The critical questions shaping our world are : How can innovation lead to new ways of tackling the enormous disease burden and improve healthcare outcomes? How do we bring innovation to the frontline? How do we equip ourselves and more importantly, are we equipped to ride the next wave of innovation which may not just be restricted to products but extend to our business as well? Lipaglyn 

Sustaining and furthering this innovation culture is our priority. Between now and 2020, we hope to bring more therapies from our research pipeline to the market. There are a dedicated group of research scientists at the Zydus Research Centre working on NCE research inspired by Lipaglyn's success. Continuing with our quest to be an innovation–led, research–driven enterprise, the thrust of our discovery research is in the areas of cardio–metabolic disorders, inflammation, pain and oncology.

It's not just in NCE research, but our scientists are also doing exemplary research work in vaccines, biologics and niche and complex technologies. The vision as always is a broad and expansive one. At Zydus Biologics, our focus is on Novel Biologics and Biosimilars. The team is working on a strong pipeline of 17 biosimilars and 2 novel biologics. At our fully approved Vaccine Technology Centre, the team is working on existing vaccines as well as developing novel vaccines. Here's where India's first indigenously developed H1N1 vaccine – Vaxiflu, was developed as a response to a health threat of endemic proportions. Today, our scientists are developing the world's first vaccine to prevent visceral leishmaniasis or Kala Azar with Infectious Diseases Research Institute (IDRI). Aspiring to be one of the leaders in complex technologies, a dedicated team of scientists are working on next–gen technologies and and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS). This includes a robust portfolio of products such as transdermals, inhalables and controlled release formulations.

While research is always associated with high risk and challenges, it also presents us with a major opportunity to realize the purpose with which Ihe Company was founded in 1952; to create a company that will enrich lives by providing innovative contributbns in healthcare. 

A moment in time

These are exciting times for us. With a blueprint of strategies, a strong team for execution, a commitment to innovation and an aspiration to post new milestones, we are poised for significant and sustained growth that will carry us to new frontiers. By being guided by our vision and long term goals, investing in the development of capabilities and infrastructure to excel, and by continuing to do things differentlythe Zydus waywe will hold our own as a value creator. The discovery and launch of our first NCE is what we have been working towards for many years. I am happy to be a part of this endeavour, and I look forward to delivering on the promise of the future.

We wish to thank our employees, partners in progress, the healthcare fraternity and the shareholders for their unstinted support. Working together, we will create healthier communities through novel ideas, innovation and quality healthcare solutions. 

Pankaj R. Patel 

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