This Article is From Sep 02, 2013

Rahguram Rajan: Will tackle economic issues 'one step at a time'

Rahguram Rajan: Will tackle economic issues 'one step at a time'
New Delhi:

Faced with declining value of the rupee and a widening current account deficit, RBI Governor designate Raghuram Rajan today said there is no magic wand to solve the challenges before the country overnight and he will endeavour to deal with them one at a time.
Mr Rajan, 50, who has been in the Finance Ministry as the Chief Economic Advisor for a year, will replace Duvvuri Subbarao as RBI Governor who demits office on September 4.
"We have enough ideas. It is not just the currency, it is financial inclusion, it is growth. I think there is a lot to do. There are challenges in the economy... These things are not going to be overcome overnight. There is no magic wand. But there are undoubtedly solutions to many of the problems that the RBI can tackle and the job is to go ahead and do it.
"We will do it one step at a time. Make sure that it progresses every day," he told reporters on his last day of office at the Finance Ministry.
Mr Rajan, a former IMF chief economist, was appointed as the Chief Economic Advisor in the Finance Ministry in August last year. His appointment as the 23rd central bank chief comes at a time when the economy is battling industrial slowdown, declining rupee, rising prices and all-time high current account deficit.
"Expectations are challenging. I think the job is a complex one. There are many issues including managing institution itself...
"I think in some ways there are commonalties among bureaucracies but each organisation has its own culture, has its own tempo... I am looking forward," he said.
Besides combating the key issues like volatile rupee and current account deficit, Mr Rajan will have to take a call on continuing with RBI's practice of mid-quarter policy review every 45 days, which was initiated by Mr Subbarao.