This Article is From May 30, 2015

NSE Discount in Transaction Fee to Continue Till July 31

New Delhi: National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Friday extended a discount of up to 59 per cent in transaction charges for trading on its currency derivatives platform and in equity options segment till July.

The bourse in November had announced concession in transaction charges for currency futures trade and equity options segments. These were applicable from December 1 and continued till March 31, 2015.

Later, the exchange extended the concessions till May 31.

The exchange said in a circular issued on Friday that it has decided "to extend the same for a further period of two months i.e. from June 1, 2015 till July 31, 2015".

The moves are part of NSE's effort to improve the liquidity in the currency futures and equity options segments.

In equity options, NSE will give a flat concession of 45 per cent in the transaction charges levied on the incremental billable turnover or premium value, above Rs 1,299 crore in a month.

Besides, it would give a discount of 32 per cent in the transaction charges levied on the incremental billable turnover between Rs 799 crore and Rs 1,299 crore.

NSE said that all the trading members would be billed at a flat rate of Rs 1.10 per lakh of traded value in currency futures.

Further, in the currency futures segment, a discount in in the transaction charges in the range of 25 per cent to 59 per cent, depending on the daily turnover, would be provided.

A discount of 25 per cent in the transaction on turnover between Rs 300 crore and Rs 350 crore in a day and 59 per cent on turnover of above Rs 600 crore would continue till July.

NSE will continue to levy the transaction charges of Rs 0.10 per lakh of volume in the Interest Rate Futures segment till July.