This Article is From Nov 25, 2011

Nisa Godrej, Roshni Nadar among billionaire heiresses: Forbes

Nisa Godrej, Roshni Nadar among billionaire heiresses: Forbes

Nisa Godrej and Roshni Nadar, the daughters of industrialist Adi Godrej and technocrat Shiv Nadar, respectively, have been named among the world's ten billionaire heiresses to watch by Forbes magazine.

The ten heiresses chose to "live a lower-key life, spending much of their time trying to live up to their family's legacy and working to make a difference behind the scenes," the publication said.

Thirty-one-year-old Nisa Godrej and 28-year-old Roshni Nadar are the only two Indian women in the Forbes list of 'Billionaire Heiresses To Watch'.

Adi Godrej and family have a net worth of $5.2 billion, while Shiv Nadar has personal fortune of $4.2 billion.

The list also features New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's daughter Emma Bloomberg, famed American investor George Soros' daughter Andrea Soros, Italian designer Giorgio Armani's nieces -- Silvana and Roberta Armani -- and flamboyant British businessman Richard Branson's daughter Holly Branson.

Nisa Godrej, who has an MBA from Harvard, was recently appointed as President of Human Capital and Innovation at the Godrej group.

The report said that she is very involved in the cause of educating girls and is also a member of the Indian Philanthropy Forum.

Roshini Nadar is the executive director and CEO of HCL Corp. According to the magazine, she is also a trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation and has been involved in rolling out the VidyaGyan schools in Uttar Pradesh, which aim to provide rural children with free education.

"The ten heiresses we have chosen to highlight this year are creating an impact by living up to their family legacies, making a name for themselves and giving back to society," the magazine said.

Others in the list are Dylan Lauren, Aerin Lauder, Ivanka Trump and Jennifer Woo.