Nasscom Prepares Five-Point Agenda for IT Companies in India

San Francisco:  Nasscom has prepared a five-point agenda for the new Indian government to help it devise a strategy to enable IT companies contribute in the development agenda and allow them to increase their global footprint.

"We are suggesting (to new Indian government) to launch a technology entrepreneurship mission immediately, in which there are several different components which together will accomplish this purpose," R Chandrashekhar, National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) president, said here in the US state of California yesterday.

"We have prepared an agenda for the new Indian government in terms of what it should do (for the IT sector). How the new government can use the strength of the Indian IT industry which has global reach and globally recognised capabilities to achieve the development agenda within the country. What they need to do in order to achieve that and what they need to do to enable the Indian IT industry is to increase its global footprint," he said.

"We have worked out a five point agenda," Mr Chandrashekhar said ahead of the formation of the new Indian government.

The counting of votes of the 16th general elections are scheduled for May 16, following which the new Indian government will be formed.

The Nasscom president was here this week along with 27 Indian entrepreneurs, selected for their innovative startups, to give them exposure to the Silicon Valley.

Observing that the Indian IT industry has come a long way in the last few decades, as it has grown in size and now has a global foot print, the Nasscom president said there is an opportunity for it to expand its global footprint and at the same time contribute to the domestic transformation and developmental agenda.

"The first is what all measures the government needs to take to enable innovation and support entrepreneurship. There are many policy measures that need to be taken by the government. How do you create an ecosystem that accelerates the growth of small companies, growth of the product companies," Mr Chandrashekhar said.

He said that one of the measures could be creating a system of funding for startups, and connecting them with academics and research and development.

Another suggestion on the agenda is to make the domestic investment easier and simpler


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