Moto G5 Plus Launched, Flipkart Offers 'Buyback Guarantee'

Moto G5 Plus Launched, Flipkart Offers 'Buyback Guarantee'

Flipkart's "BuyBack Guarantee" scheme offers an "assured price" for the Moto G5 Plus smartphone.

Flipkart has announced a special scheme on the Moto G5 Plus smartphone, promising "huge value" on the next smartphone purchase from its website. Under its "BuyBack Guarantee" programme, the e-tailer is offering an "assured price" for Motorola's Moto G5 Plus smartphone while upgrading to another phone in future under certain conditions. "BuyBack Guarantee is a Flipkart promise where we guarantee to buy back your Moto G5 Plus at an assured price, that provides consumers huge value when they make their next smartphone purchase on Flipkart," e-commerce major Flipkart said on its website.

Motorola on Wednesday launched Moto G5 Plus smartphone - which is the fifth generation of the Moto G series - in the Indian market at a starting price of Rs 14,999. (Read more)

The "BuyBack Guarantee" scheme offers value protection for customers buying the Moto G5 Plus, which in turn makes migrating to their next phone more affordable, according to the Flipkart portal. However, it added that the BuyBack Guarantee amount will be available against phones - bought on Flipkart - where the value is higher than the BuyBack pricing.

Flipkart used an illustration on its website to explain the scheme:
flipkart offer
Customers can make use of Flipkart's BuyBack Guarantee scheme under certain conditions. First, the BuyBack Guarantee can be redeemed between six to eight months from purchase of the Moto G5 Plus, with the handset being exchanged in "working condition with screen intact". Second, the customers need to retain the original box in order to use the BuyBack Guarantee in the specified period.

Customer needs to return the "original box (intact condition), original charger and original accessories in working condition", it added.

What if it's been more than eight months since you bought your Moto G5 Plus? Can you still exchange it? Yes, says Flipkart. "Customer can choose to use the Moto G5 Plus even after 8 months, post which the phone can be exchanged on Flipkart at the prevailing exchange price," Flipkart added.

Also, explaining the rationale/logic behind such an offering, India's largest e-commerce company, Flipkart, said: "BuyBack Guarantee protects you from all market fluctuations to give the best future exchange value on your Moto G5 Plus making it affordable for customers to upgrade."

Flipkart will provide doorstep pickup for making an exchange under the scheme, it added.

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