Looking For A Job Abroad? Here Are Some Tips From Experts

The idea of moving to a foreign country and working there is an attractive one but it also requires proper planning.

Looking For A Job Abroad? Here Are Some Tips From Experts

Keep your CV and online profile up to date.

If you are interested in living abroad, it is necessary to find a job in the country of your choice so as to sustain yourself and in some cases to clear legal requirements to stay in that country. The idea of moving to a foreign country and working there is an attractive one but it also requires proper planning and preparation. If you are interested in living abroad, you must commit fully to the idea and do your research, followed by polishing your CV. Once you have an up-to-date CV and an online profile, you can follow these actionable seven steps suggested by Ambitionbox, a platform which assists jobseekers, to land your dream job abroad.

Tip 1: Attend job fairs and walk-ins

AmbitionBox suggests that you visit job fairs. In these events, you will directly get connected with employers and recruiters. Also, stay tuned to your Facebook and LinkedIn feed for abroad job webinars, career fairs and walk-ins in your city. Don't miss out on foreign job fairs and career expos held in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi every year, AmbitionBox adds. 

Tip 2: Approach a professional job consultant.

You can take the help of professional job consultants to land a job abroad. These consultants provide expert support and guidance, however their services will come at a price. AmbitionBox suggests recruitment agencies like Y Axis, Jerry Varghese Global, Delta Recruitment, Goodfellow, Acreaty, Indian Manpower etc. However, one must be careful of fake overseas recruitment firms, it adds. Do not entertain calls frantically made to you for a paid service. AmbitionBox suggests running a check on the consultancy's reviews online, asking friends and reading up about it on social media, consumer forums and Quora before shelling  out "any money blindly".

Tip 3: Network with friends and family settled abroad for genuine job referrals.

There is no better shortcut to getting a job abroad, other than a genuine internal referral by a friend or family member, says AmbitionBox.

Tip 4: Search for relevant openings in your country of choice on popular job search portals.

Choose only openings matching relevant skill sets. If you are fluent in a particular foreign language, mention it clearly in your resume. Naukri, Monster and Indeed, among other job portals, have pages which enlist all abroad jobs country wise, according to AmbitionBox. Apart from job portals, you must also look for jobs abroad on company career pages.

Tip 5: Apply for a Masters degree in countries with high job prospects for Indian students.

An easy route to get into a foreign country of your choice, and join their workforce, is a Master's degree. While the degree makes you more employable, you can start hunting for a job side by side. 

Tip 6: Join a company in India that offers H-1B visa or sponsors international travel.

You can also can join MNCs, SMEs and start-ups in India which sponsor official international trips, advises AmbitionBox. You can also network with people or start a new discussion on popular forums like Sheroes, Reddit, Quora, MeetUp etc. to seek advice about your abroad career goals from experts.

Tip 7: A plausible way to get a job abroad is by visiting the consulate of your dream country.

Consulates, better known as foreign embassies or high commissions, are located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. These offices always have a few openings and once you land a job here, your chances of moving abroad increase significantly, AmbitionBox said.


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