This Article is From Dec 26, 2014

LinkedIn Reveals 25 Hottest Skills in Demand

LinkedIn Reveals 25 Hottest Skills in Demand

Professional networking website LinkedIn has revealed 25 hottest skills that were in demand in 2014. LinkedIn analyzed the skills and experience data in over 330 million member profiles to gather the data.

The LinkedIn report shows that tech skills dominated the 'hottest skills' list. "Across the globe, statistics and data analysis skills were highly valued. In the US, India, and France, cloud and distributed computing skills were in particularly high demand," Sohan Murthy, research consultant at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post.

Mr Murthy also said that digital, online, and SEO (search engine optimization) marketing skills were also in demand.

With Indian economy showing signs of an upturn and the positivity continuing in the business sentiment, HR experts believe that the hiring activities should get only better in 2015.

According to the Employment Outlook Survey by workforce solutions major ManpowerGroup, Indian employers are expecting a brisk hiring pace for the January-March period and India has also emerged one of the most optimistic nations in the world in terms of hiring plans for the next three months.

Sectors like infrastructure, power, energy, manufacturing, IT, ITES, retail, e-commerce, and banking are likely to see high demand.

25 Hottest Skills in India on LinkedIn

  • Statistical analysis and data mining
  • Storage systems and management
  • Cloud and distributed computing
  • PR and communications
  • Network and information security
  • Social media marketing
  • Algorithm design
  • Perl/Python/Ruby
  • Web architecture and development framework
  • Mac, Linux and Unix Systems
  • User interface design
  • Data presentation
  • Economics
  • Mobile Development
  • Virtualisation
  • Public policy and international relations
  • Digital and online marketing
  • Business intelligence
  • Data engineering and data warehousing
  • Game development
  • Middleware and integration software
  • Market research and insights
  • Shell scripting languages
  • SEO/SEM Marketing
  • Electronic and electrical engineering