Jet Airways Announces 144 New Flights: 10 Things To Know

The new routes being added on Jet Airways' network are New Delhi-Aizawl and New Delhi-Jorhat, among others.

Jet Airways Announces 144 New Flights: 10 Things To Know

Jet Airways will be including thrice-a-week flights to Aizawl and Jorhat.

Jet Airways has announced it will introduce 144 weekly flights in the first phase of its summer schedule. Airline Jet Airways said its new schedule will feature a combination of non-stop, direct and one-stop services between new city pairs in its existing pan India network. "The burgeoning demand for air travel pan-India is increasingly witnessing guests travelling to more than one destination, reinforcing our network carrier model...Our Summer schedule has therefore been designed to facilitate the above developments via a mix of new services," said Raj Sivakumar, senior vice president, network planning and revenue management, Jet Airways.

Here are 10 things to know about Jet Airways' new flights under its summer schedule:

1. Jet Airways said it will for the first time connect Amritsar with non-stop and direct flights from its hubs in Mumbai and Bengaluru respectively, among other network enhancements under its summer schedule.

2. Jet Airways also said it will add new, non-stop flights connecting Bengaluru with Indore and Patna. It will also connect Patna with non-stop flights to Mumbai.

3. Jet Airways said it will strengthen connectivity between Delhi and the north eastern region "via a bouquet of pioneering, non-stop services". These include thrice-a-week flights from New Delhi to Aizawl and Jorhat, and four times-a-week flights to Silchar, it noted.

4. The airline will commence four times-a-week non-stop service to Imphal from Delhi.

5. Jet Airways also said it will launch new, non-stop services from Pune to Patna, Raipur and Chandigarh.
Flight No.SectorFrequencyTypeDep. TimeArr. Time
Industry first, non-stop services
9W 852Aizawl - DelhiMon/Wed/FriNon Stop15:3018:35
9W 851Delhi - AizawlMon/Wed/FriNon Stop11:0514:05
9W 358Mumbai - TiruchirappalliDailyNon Stop12:2514:10
9W 311Tiruchirappalli - MumbaiDailyNon Stop14:4016:50
9W 991Delhi - SilcharTue/Thu/Sat/SunNon Stop11:0013:50
9W 992Silchar - DelhiTue/Thu/Sat/SunNon Stop15:3018:30
9W 956Delhi - JorhatMon/Wed/FriNon Stop11:0014:00
9W 957Jorhat - DelhiMon/Wed/FriNon Stop15:2018:20
9W 2540Patna - PuneMon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/SunNon Stop2:455:05
9W 2539Pune - PatnaMon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat/SunNon Stop23:001:20
9W 183Pune - RaipurSunNon Stop11:4013:50
9W 184Raipur - PuneSunNon Stop15:1017:20
Industry first, direct services
9W 935Mumbai - ImphalTue/Thu/Sat/SunDirect10:1015:00
9W 842Imphal - MumbaiTue/Thu/Sat/SunDirect14:3519:15
9W 921Mumbai - JorhatMon/Wed/FriDirect10:1014:50
9W 936Jorhat - MumbaiMon/Wed/FriDirect14:3519:15
9W 917Delhi - JorhatTue/Thu/Sat/SunDirect9:2013:10
9W 918Jorhat - DelhiTue/Thu/Sat/SunDirect14:2018:55
9W 358Delhi - TiruchirappalliDailyDirect9:0014:10
9W 311Tiruchirappalli - DelhiMon/Tue/Wed/Thu/FriDirect14:4020:20
9W 982Imphal - PuneMon/Wed/FriDirect15:3023:35

6. The carrier will begin a daily, non-stop service between Mumbai and Tiruchirappalli, besides a new, direct service between Tiruchirappalli and Delhi.

7. The airline will also commence direct, one-stop services between Mumbai and the North Eastern cities of Jorhat and Imphal, marking its return to Manipur.

8. Imphal will also be connected with Pune with direct flights via Guwahati and Kolkata. In fact, Guwahati will play an instrumental role in facilitating this season's connectivity, enabling non-stop daily flights also to Bagdogra, Imphal and Mumbai, Jet Airways added.

9. New flights from Jet Airways come at a time the civil aviation industry is witnessing robust growth in passenger traffic in the past one year.

10. Domestic airlines carried 114.65 lakh passengers in January as against 95.79 lakh in the corresponding period a year ago, registering a year-on-year growth of 19.69 per cent, data from aviation regulator DGCA showed.