This Article is From Oct 30, 2019

IndiGo Launches New Flights, Tickets Start From Rs 1,898

The announcements from IndiGocome amid high competition in the country's civil aviation market.

IndiGo Launches New Flights, Tickets Start From Rs 1,898

Earlier this month, IndiGo inaugurated operations to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from Kolkata.

Passenger carrier IndiGo inaugurated flights from Shirdi and Mysore on Sunday, making them airline's 59th and 60th domestic destinations respectively. The airline now operates flights on the Shirdi-Bengaluru, Shirdi-Hyderabad, Shridi-Indore, Mysore-Hyderabad routes at a starting all-inclusive price of Rs 1,954, IndiGo said in a statement. Additionally, the airline launched flights on the Bengaluru-Tuticorin, Bengaluru-Rajahmundry, Madurai-Bengaluru, Bengaluru-Belgaum, Hyderabad-Vijayawada routes on Sunday. The flight tickets are available at a starting all-inclusive price of Rs 1,898 on these routes. Bookings for the new routes are open on the airline's official website - (Also read: Vistara Announces New Flights On Its International Network)

Here's the schedule of IndiGo's new flights:

Flight NumberFrequencyOriginDepartureDestinationArrivalEffective DateFares
6E 7241Daily except ThursdayBengaluru6:35Tuticorin8:1527-Oct-19Rs 1898
6E 7241ThursdaysBengaluru6:15Tuticorin7:5531-Oct-19Rs 1898
6E 7242Daily except ThursdayTuticorin8:35Bengaluru10:1527-Oct-19Rs 1899
6E 7242ThursdaysTuticorin8:15Bengaluru9:5031-Oct-19Rs 1899
6E 7245DailyBengaluru10:40Shirdi13:0027-Oct-19Rs 4392
6E 7246DailyShirdi13:20Bengaluru15:4027-Oct-19Rs 3996
6E 7231DailyBengaluru16:05Rajahmundry17:5027-Oct-19Rs 2997
6E 7232DailyRajahmundry20:30Bengaluru22:2027-Oct-19Rs 3298
6E 7171Daily except TuesdayBengaluru7:25Madurai8:5527-Oct-19Rs 2299
6E 7172Daily except TuesdayMadurai9:15Bengaluru10:4027-Oct-19Rs 2298
6E 7172Daily except TuesdayBengaluru11:05Belgaum12:3027-Oct-19Rs 1994
6E 7182Daily except TuesdayBelgaum12:50Bengaluru14:1527-Oct-19Rs 1899
6E 7173Daily except TuesdayBengaluru14:45Hyderabad16:1527-Oct-19Rs 2132
6E 7921Daily except TuesdayHyderabad16:45Mysore18:4027-Oct-19Rs 2650
6E 7922Daily except TuesdayMysore19:40Hyderabad21:5027-Oct-19Rs 3191
6E 7176Daily except TuesdayHyderabad22:45Bengaluru0:2027-Oct-19Rs 2157
6E 7173TuesdayBengaluru9:30Hyderabad11:0029-Oct-19Rs 2132
6E 7921TuesdayHyderabad11:20Mysore13:1029-Oct-19Rs 2650
6E 7922TuesdayMysore13:30Hyderabad15:2529-Oct-19Rs 3191
6E 7176TuesdayHyderabad15:50Bengaluru17:2029-Oct-19Rs 2157
6E 7966DailyHyderabad15:35Belgaum16:5527-Oct-19Rs 2549
6E 7968DailyBelgaum17:15Hyderabad18:4027-Oct-19Rs 2549
6E 7226DailyHyderabad7:45Shirdi9:1527-Oct-19Rs 2872
6E 7227DailyShirdi9:35Indore10:5527-Oct-19Rs 2257
6E 7177DailyIndore11:20Shirdi12:3527-Oct-19Rs 1954
6E 7104DailyShirdi12:55Hyderabad14:2027-Oct-19Rs 2268
6E 7166DailyHyderabad14:45Shirdi16:2527-Oct-19Rs 2872
6E 7167DailyShirdi16:45Hyderabad18:1527-Oct-19Rs 2268
6E 7167DailyHyderabad18:35Vijayawada19:3527-Oct-19Rs 1998
6E 7158DailyVijayawada19:55Hyderabad21:1527-Oct-19Rs 1899

(Source: IndiGo)

"The new flights are designed to cater to business and leisure travellers who are constantly on the lookout for new and affordable flying options", the airline said. "All these flights are being operated on IndiGo's ATR fleet," it added.

Earlier this month, IndiGo inaugurated operations to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC or Saigon), Vietnam from Kolkata. It also started flights on the Kolkata-Guangzhou (in China) route.

The announcements from IndiGo come amid high competition in the country's civil aviation market. Domestic airlines carried 1,058.91 lakh passengers in the first nine months of calendar year 2019, marking an increase of 3.01 per cent over the corresponding period a year ago, according to data from aviation regulator DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).