Indians Want to Travel Abroad to Celebrate Diwali: Survey

Indians Want to Travel Abroad to Celebrate Diwali: Survey
Mumbai: In a departure from convention wherein Diwali is typically celebrated with family and friends, many Indians now want to travel to international destinations to enjoy the festival of lights, according to a survey.

"It is good to see the shift that Indians are expanding their horizons and now looking to celebrate this once perceived family-oriented festival overseas," online accommodation booking website said.

Europe remains the most searched outbound destination for Indians during Diwali while Goa continues to rule the domestic front, according to its data.

The festival marks the start of the holiday season for the Indian community.

During the festival, most foreigners visit India to experience its traditional fervour, which enriches their visit besides providing an impetus to the tourism industry.

"India receives a large number of international visitors who wish to savour the Indian festivities and culture during this festive season," the study stated.
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