This Article is From Jan 21, 2015

India Back in Reckoning at Davos, Say Business Leaders


The highlight of the World Economic Forum annual meeting this year at Davos is PM Narendra Modi's pet project 'Make in India'.

Posters like "Whatever you want to make, make in India"  are plastered all over Davos to woo investors at a time when global growth is still faltering Many business leaders believe that India with its stable and business friendly government will be the flavour of the season at Davos.

NDTV's Shweta Rajpal Kohli spoke with some India Inc leaders on the sidelines of Davos meet.

Rahul Bajaj, chairman of Bajaj Auto: There is tremendous difference. There is no comparison. It is a difference between day and night and it is only because of Narendra Modi.

Ajit Gulabchand, chairman & MD of HCC: The difference this year in Davos this year is that everybody who had turned their backs on India and talked about India in whispering terms are back here asking, what is happening in India. There is an awakening that there is a change in India and there is a desire to make is easy for businesses to operate. At this moment that is the buzz that has been created.

Ajay Shriram, president of CII: I think the overall mood on India is positive. The India's story is unfolding well. I think this is a great opportunity to share further with the cross-section of the elite business community, the thinkers and policy makers of what India is all about.

Manish Kejriwal, founding partner at Kedaara Capital Advisors: The India story is a marathon it's not a sprint, it's not that we are faster or less faster than them. China is also a very important growth engine, so actually it's in India best interest if China also grows as fast as possible. So, in my mind the competitive thing is always good to have. The competitive nature should urge us to go faster, we shouldn't worry or hope that China goes slow because the slower China also means a slower growth for us.