How To Decide On The Perfect Air Conditioner For Your Home This Summer

A number of key factors determine which air conditioner is best for you.

How To Decide On The Perfect Air Conditioner For Your Home This Summer

It's always wise to be prepared for the hottest months of the year with the right air conditioner. Whether you're buying your first air conditioner or simply upgrading from a very old machine, it's highly recommended that you spend some time doing a bit of research before heading out to buy your new air conditioner.

Before you decide, you need to figure out which type of air conditioner would suit your needs. A number of key factors determine which air conditioner is best for you. You also need to consider if you'll find some value-added features more convenient, or whether you'd rather save as much money as possible and get something basic.

Let's take a look at some of the key factors you'll need to consider before selecting the perfect air conditioner for your home:

Size of your room

The size of your room will determine which type and capacity your air conditioner must offer. But slowly and steadily, modern air conditioners, such as the Hitachi Air, are removing this constraint.

Hitachi's new air conditioners come with an expandable inverter. These expandable inverter air conditioners can automatically increase capacity whenever they sense a difference in indoor and outdoor temperature. When it gets too hot, they can automatically increase the capacity and cool down a room much quicker than conventional air conditioners.

Silent operation

No matter what type of air conditioner you pick, over the years you'll regret your decision if your unit makes a lot of noise. Some air conditioners are noisy right from the beginning while others start making all sorts of noises down the line.

However, Hitachi's new air conditioners come with a new T-Flow fan which includes a patented design, offering a massive drop in noise while still providing maximum air volume. A silent air conditioner is perfect for children or anyone else who doesn't wish to be disturbed at all.

Uniform cooling

Your room could be big or small, receiving a lot of sunshine or not, but you still need an air conditioner that can uniformly cool the room. This also helps bring down electricity bills as the air conditioner needs to run for a shorter period of time.

Hitachi's new expandable inverter ACs come with a large deflector to ensure you get uniform cooling across every corner of the room. This is made possible by using a large-sized deflector that can move up or down by as much as 90 degrees, bringing uniform cooling to the entire room.

Fresh and clean air

Your air conditioner doesn't just need to cool down your room. It also needs to deliver fresh, clean, and odour-free air. Hitachi's new air conditioners feature a new frost wash technology, called iFresh. The air conditioner promises a 93 per cent reduction in bacteria and mould formation, delivering nothing but pure cool air inside your room.

Hitachi's new air conditioners also come with an iClean+ technology which can automatically clean the air conditioner's filter. This helps save a lot of power and brings down the maintenance costs involved with the air conditioner.

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