Glassdoor Releases List of 20 Companies Offering 'Unique' Benefits

Glassdoor Releases List of 20 Companies Offering 'Unique' Benefits

Glassdoor through a survey identified 20 firms offering 'unique' benefits to their employees.

Free housing for interns with healthcare coverage, up to six-month sabbatical programs and pet health insurance are a few of the 'unique' facilities given by some global companies to their employees. According to a survey by US-based career website Glassdoor, some of the other "unique" benefits offered by these firms include haircuts, spa treatments, fitness programmes and dental work. "Although, special benefits and perks are a great way to get employees in the door, but culture and values, career opportunities and senior leadership are the most important factors leading to employee satisfaction," the survey noted. According to Glassdoor Economic Research, culture and values, career opportunities and senior leadership are the most important factors leading to employee satisfaction. 

Glassdoor through a survey identified 20 companies offering benefits that "go beyond the basics and enter legendary status." The list, according to Glassdoor, was determined by identifying "some of the more unique benefits employees are enjoying at companies, based on the hundreds of thousands of benefits reviews shared by employees" on its website. Glassdoor said "benefits have also been verified by cross-referencing third party sources, such as an employer's official site." Each company's benefits rating is based on at least 20 benefits reviews shared on its website by employees as of January 27, 2017, the survey said.  

Here are the benefits or perks offered by 20 firms with their respective rating (on scale of 1 to 5), according to the Glassdoor Survey. 

1) IKEA: It offers up to 4-month of paid parental leave to both part-time/full-time employees with at least one year of experience at the company. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.4)

2) Reebok: The company encourages employees to reach their personal fitness goals by providing an on-site gym with Crossfit classes. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.1)

3) Bain & Company: This firm holds an annual two-day, global "Bain World Cup" soccer tournament open to all employees. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.7)

4) Goldman Sachs: It offers coverage for gender reassignment surgery, a benefit the company has offered since 2008. (Overall Benefits Review: 4.1)

5) Facebook: The social-networking giant provides healthcare coverage and free housing for interns. Many of its interns reportedly earn more than $7,000 per month. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.7)

6) Scripps Health: It offers pet health insurance for cats and dogs. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.1)

7) Starbucks: The company provides full tuition reimbursement for its employees, covering an online Bachelor's degree program through Arizona State University. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.3)

8) American Express: Amex's parental leave policy offers up to 5-month of fully-paid leave for both mothers and fathers. Birthing mothers generally receive an additional 6 to 8 weeks under salary continuation for medical leave. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.0)

9) Eventbrite: The firm helps keep employees healthy by offering a monthly $60 wellness stipend. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.6)

10) Whole Foods Market: It offers a 20% store discount to all employees, including full-time/part-time employees. (Overall Benefits Rating: 3.6)

11) In-N-Out: Its employees can treat themselves to a free Double-Double burger and fries during each shift. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.3)

12) Deloitte: It offers two sabbatical programs: an unpaid one-month sabbatical that can be taken for any reason, and a three- to six-month sabbatical that can be taken to pursue personal or professional growth opportunities with 40% pay. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.1)

13) Gap Inc.: The company, including all of its brands, provides free access to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to corporate employees. (Overall Benefits Rating: 3.6)

14) Microsoft: It offers an annual $800 "StayFit" reimbursement program to help cover the cost of gym memberships and fitness programs. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.4)

15) Swiss Re: This Insurance company's "Own the Way You Work" program encourages employees to embrace flexibility with their schedules and work remotely. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.3)

16) Amazon: It offers two programs for new parents: Leave Share, which allows employees to share paid leave with their partner if the partner's company does not offer paid leave, and Ramp Back, which gives new moms more control over easing back into work. (Overall Benefits Rating: 3.7)

17) USAA: This firm offers a strong 401k program, which is a retirement savings plan sponsored by an employer, with an 8% matching policy. According to the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average company in the US matches 6%. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.4)

18) Southwest: It offers all employees and their dependents access to Clear Skies, an employee assistance program that provides confidential counseling, work/life services, and legal consultations. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.4)

19) Genentech: This company offers unique on-site amenities, including car washes, haircuts, childcare center, mobile spa and dentist. (Overall Benefits Rating: 4.3)

20) Timberland: Its employees can take up to 40 hours of paid time off per year to volunteer. (Overall Benefits Rating: 3.7)

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